Social Media Content Marketing Strategies for your Business Growth

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Content Marketing is reigning, and managing social media content is important to efficiently reach your goals. Several solutions can help you manage and market your social media content giving you ample amount of time to consistently post, engage, share, monitor, and respond to comments and discussions. There is an increasing need to focus on social media content marketing strategies to optimize efficiency in less time.

Here are some important facts regarding social media:

  • Over the next few years, social media content marketing spending through ads is expected to exceed $350 billion.
  • One of the biggest trends in content marketing strategies is influencer marketing which is expected to continue in 2023. The return on investment of this strategy is 11 times higher than his other content marketing strategies and is used by 84% of marketers.
  • 2023 is going to be all about short videos and live interactions.
  • Between 2021 and 2022, social media users grew by more than 10%, with a total reach of 4.62 billion people on multiple channels.
  • Social media accounts represent 93.4% of the internet-connected population.
  • In January 2022, the average internet user spent an average of 2.27 hours between messaging apps and social media.
  • 91% of his social media users use smartphones to access social networks.

When social media is rampant, businesses need to focus on creating compelling content for the channels to attract more viewers and enhance growth.

Learn How To Create Smart Social Media Content

Follow these tips to create content marketing strategies for your official social media accounts to garner maximum attention from your target audience:

  1. Focus On Your Social Media Strategy  – Too much information can distract you from important tasks. A clear and transparent social media strategy sets a roadmap, helps you reach your goals, and keeps you focused on the right tasks.
  2. Ask The Audience – Asking your audience questions is a surefire way to increase engagement.
  3. Demonstrate a consistent brand voice – Whether you’re creating a blog post, launching an email campaign, or posting a product review on your Instagram profile, make sure the brand voice remains the same in all so that your visitors recognize you as soon as they read your content.
  4. Commitment to quality – Have a steady stream of content that can be shared across your industry
  5. Use social media analytics – This will help you check the kind of content that works for you and the one that doesn’t.
  6. Use of social media calendars – This will help you plan and schedule your posts, helping you stay focused and organized.

14 Social Media Content Marketing Strategies For Business Growth

Use the following content marketing strategies for your official social media channels

1. Run Contests And Giveaways

People can’t resist the power of free content. Social media giveaways and contests are one of the most powerful social media activities when it comes to potential follower engagement. Reward the winners and appreciate the participation of your viewers by offering them lucrative deals and discounts on your products.

2. Host an AMA

Ask Me Anything video content is a great opportunity to engage you’re your audience and to promote them to participate in Q&A sessions where knowledge, experiences, and insights can be shared. These sessions are engaging for both audiences and brands.

3. Conduct A Social Media Takeover

Try handing over your social presence to influencers and celebrities. This introduces your brand to new faces and gives your account a new voice. You can also ask your company employees, business partners, or industrial leaders, to take over your account and add flavor to your feed. The purpose of the acquisition by someone who shares the same demography is to gain exposure.

4. Create A Short Video Clip

Consumers find short videos more attractive than longer videos. Brands should think seriously about creating social media ideas that include short video clips perfect for social media channels like Facebook and Instagram reels that require minimal editing, are quick to capture, and are good for sharing.

5. Go Live

Live video is the third most attractive type of in-feed social content. One reason is that consumers want authentic, less-manufactured experiences with brands. Live video content can always be reused later. These sessions help present complex topics to niche audiences in an easy-to-understand manner.

6. Linked Content

Create content for social media platforms with linkable posts that help your site’s audience explore your topic and eventually build your site’s authority. This is a great SEO enhancement technique and an important consideration in the website ranking process.

7. Use Trending Topics

Trending topics are a way for brands to leverage fresh content. Although such content is relevant for a limited time, posts on the topic can get very high scores. Through a trending video, you can turn your expertise into exclusive lead-generation videos to help grow your content marketing business. You should have a good video creation tool that integrates and optimizes your text and comes with video templates and collage templates, that help you edit effective content before publishing.

8. Product Reviews and Comparisons

People need to be engaged at every stage of the buying process. To do this, add product reviews and product comparisons to educate your audience, provide relevant information and gain loyal followers.

9. Create Listicles

People love reading about different options, recommendations, solutions, and ideas on a particular topic. Curate niche content in lists to create the perfect customer experience. Moreover, listicles are SEO-enriched and can also help you take your website or social media account ranking higher on SERPs

10. Survey Your Audience

People love to share their opinions. With social media features such as surveys and polls, you can find out what your followers are doing with a single click.

11. Reply to Followers

Your viewers’ time is precious and taking the time to reply shows that you care about your brand. Your responses can say a lot about your brand, whether it’s a compliment, a customer concern, or someone you want to say hello to.

12. Reuse Content

Instead of curating fresh content, you can reuse your existing content to formulate something new and refreshing for your audience, for example, you could highlight a fact, quote, or experience from an existing blog or social media post and create an image or you could stitch different clips or images and make a video collage or presentation using an effective collage video maker.

13. Share your Mistakes

Share a piece of reality and funny posts that aren’t based on the real-life experiences of many people. Create expert posts to practice transparency and increase conversion rates by sharing dos and don’ts or content based on how you’ve learned from your mistakes. They form fun, entertaining, and educational content.

14. Collaborate With Other Brands

You can team up with other brands for campaigns and content, such as webinars, e-books, and even sales, where each company is introduced to the other’s audience. This great social media strategy helps peers and collaborators (no competitors) share content and promote each other’s interests to their respective audiences.


Social media is a great platform to sync your efforts to emphasize the relevance of creating content for your audience. Content marketing strategy is required for social media platforms, websites, email campaigns, blog sites, etc. Stay open to content creation and interact with your audience on a more meaningful level for long-term results.

Managing your social media and concentrating on your content marketing strategy can help you plan and stay organized. Content marketing is key if you want to reach, retain, and convert your business’s largest consumers, which guarantees the best return on investment.


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