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How much tattoo artists get paid depends on many factors. Often, tattoo parlor owners charge a set monthly fee (as much as $500 regardless of how many tattoos the artist does) and take a commission off of each tattoo. In this arrangement, the artist earns slightly more per booking than the parlor owner, but the artist is still encouraged to leave tips.

Rates of pay

You can think about inquiring how much do tattoo artists make, given the high demand for their services. Pay rates for tattoo artists vary depending on where you work and how long you’ve been in business. If you work for a tattoo shop, you’ll usually get paid an hourly rate and receive commissions on the tattoos you create. However, you’ll have to pay rent for the studio and utilities if you work for yourself. This fee is typically paid as a percentage of the tattoo price. Depending on the shop, the percentage can range from 30 to 50 percent.

As an independent contractor, you’ll be responsible for generating revenue for your business. You’ll receive health benefits but have less control over your hours and vacation days. You can start a side business as an illustrator or sign painter.

To have greater flexibility over their schedules, tattoo artists frequently select contract or part-time work. Additionally, it enables them to establish a customer in other areas and receive greater pay rates. They are also given the autonomy and flexibility to pursue their artistic endeavors. Pay rates for tattoo artists are greatly affected by the nature of their work.

Commission split

When starting your own tattoo business, you need to consider how to make money. For example, you may need to pay an apprentice, do front-desk work, or perform other admin tasks. You may also need to pay taxes and hire an accountant. Or, you can outsource your bookkeeping and accounting to a third party. However, you should always be clear on what you want.

Tattoo artists should consider working part-time or on contract to earn a higher income. You can do this to increase your clientele and your income. You also have the freedom and flexibility to choose where you want to work. Typically, tattoo artists make between 20 and 50 percent of the tattoos’ price. However, the commission split will depend on their work’s nature. Some artists choose to work part-time, while others prefer to work in a permanent studio.

The regulations for tattoo artists vary from country to country, and these will determine their potential earnings. For example, tattoo artists in the United Kingdom are paid a basic salary and a commission per tattoo. Self-employed tattoo artists generally hire parlor equipment, and the parlor owners divide the hourly payment 50/50 or 60/40.

Hourly rate

Tattoo artists usually charge an hourly rate for their services. This fee includes the time spent designing the tattoo as well as the time spent applying stencils. The minimum by-the-hour rate is always one hour. The hourly rate for tattoo artists is higher in large cities than in small towns. The amount of time needed for a tattoo is determined by the complexity of the design.

Tattoo artists usually work part-time, on contract, or freelance to expand their clientele and earn more money. This type of work gives them flexibility and freedom. However, the total earnings depend on the type of tattoos they create, their skill level, and availability. Some artists earn as much as $100 per tattoo per day; others earn less than $30.

The hourly rate of tattoo artists is directly related to their skill level and experience. Experienced and professional tattoo artists are likely to charge more per hour, even if they only do small tattoos. Tattoo artists also have to consider the cost of tools and equipment.

Rates of pay for contract tattoo artists

Pay rates for contract tattoo artists vary according to their experience, location, and clientele. Those with higher levels of skill will earn more. Most tattoo artists prefer working part-time, which allows them to build their clientele in different places. They also enjoy the flexibility and freedom that contract work provides.

It’s feasible to start as a new artist and make as little as $15,000. But if you’re an accomplished artist, you can bill up to $50,000 annually. Then, as you gain more experience, you can charge more per tattoo and work more efficiently and quickly.

You can start working for someone else during the first years of your career. It will allow you to build a portfolio of your work and gain experience. Eventually, you can move on to working for yourself. First, however, it’s crucial to establish your portfolio of work so that you can earn more money. Apprenticeships don’t pay much, but they can give you the experience you need to advance your career.


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