Mini Upgrades, Enormous Impact – All for a Small Budget!


Minor kitchen upgrades can be more powerful than you think. By making a handful of small changes, you can make over your space and your cooking experience. Some people don’t believe that even a quick facelift can be an exciting and valuable project.

Maybe they fear not planning it well. Is that your concern too? The kitchen is one of the most hard-used places, due to which it can look dull or lifeless pretty soon. Also, as you work within its four walls, you realize that some functions and features that could have made your job much easier are missing. Do you wonder what it could be?

Do you cook pasta and other items that use running water often? If you use a kitchen tap with spray head, you will not face any difficulty. The sprayer will ensure that your pasta is fully clean. While it provides convenience, the choice of the finish can tie together the look of your sink area and perk it up too.

Nowadays, you get sprayers separately. In case this feature in your old tap has stopped functioning, you can get a replacement sprayer that is compatible with the existing model for a small amount.  Like this, you can think of many things.

It can be worth exploring all the aesthetically and practically valuable ideas. Since most of them are inexpensive, you don’t have to wait for a big budget. It needs a little elbow grease, but the outcome can be highly enriching. Let’s delve into this quickly.

Tuxedo look – Under USD $50

If you are aware, the concept of two-tone or tuxedo cabinetry is trending. It is basically about cabinets having lighter tops and darker bottoms. As usual, white and black make the perfect classic partners. But some people also like mixing white with gray or blue.

These create a similar vibe, but the overall feel is softer. You can experiment with this for under USD $50. The budget can vary based on the amount of work. Still, you can do the average cabinet work within this. If your kitchen floor is pine material, the effect can be more beautiful.

This lighter scheme on the top works well for a smaller kitchen space, giving it an illusion of spaciousness. So, are you willing to invest in a can of paint to transform your white cabinet look?

Kitchen bar – Under USD $500

You may think it will be an arduous job and may get expensive too. The answer would have been a yes if you needed to build things from scratch. But you don’t have to approach it the traditional way. Instead, explore the idea of pre-fab units.

A pre-fab kitchen bar unit or countertop comes pre-assembled from a factory. These units can be laminate, wood, or stone material in exciting colors and styles. Homeowners opt for them for affordability and ease of use.

You can get them installed for a small fee by a local contractor. Since these units are not built-in, you can move them quickly. And their budget-friendly prices give you the freedom to explore other areas also.

It can be tough to find precise estimates if you wonder how much this should cost. However, you can expect a 14-bottle wine bar to cost about USD $235 and a 24-bottle hanging rack to charge around USD $425.

Bistro – Under USD$750

Is it a galley kitchen? Due to the space crunch in this format, you may not imagine adding a dining table. However, it doesn’t imply you cannot do anything else. Look for an unused or underused corner in the kitchen where you can set up a bistro-style table and chair.

You can set aside a budget of USD $180 for a side table and USD $110 for each chair. Create your cozy corner within that compact zone for your morning coffee and reading time.

Rug trick – Under USD$750

You can blame this on the layout planning. The lack of joints between different spaces in an open floor plan makes them look unconnected. But again, there is a way to do something unique and intriguing. For example, you can help your kitchen appear distinct with a woven rug with exciting patterns.

Nowadays, you get plenty of options online for under USD $750. Choose any high-quality wool material for its warmth for a reasonable price.

Woodwork – Under USD$1000

A cottage-style kitchen theme demands some warmth and dollops of comfort. You can ensure this by dodging the standard stone countertops for butcher blocks that stand out for their style, functionality, and warm feel.

The butcher block can be available for USD $20-60 per sq ft. If your existing countertop is aging, it can be a great replacement. Going for an oiled finish wood base will be better if you do not use a cutting board. Then, some varnished materials can also be an attractive buy.

Backsplash – Under USD$1000

You maintained your kitchen well, which shows when you look at the countertop and cabinets. However, you may feel like doing something to add a zing to the ambiance after some time. In that case, you can create a wow factor in this most abused place by refreshing the look of the backsplash. Get decorative mosaic tiles in beautiful styles for different price points if the major upgrades are not on your radar for whatever reasons.

If you choose wisely, you can get this job for under USD $1000. Some stores sell these tiles for USD $10 per sq ft. If your backsplash measures about 30 square feet, you can do your tile shopping for USD $700, and the remaining amount can go to the grouting and installation process. Or, if you are a DIYer, you can select a pricier model and save money in other corners.

There are endless possibilities when decorating any part of your home. You can turn any room into a stylish and inviting cocoon with a little effort. You need a mindset and time to create a space you love. Put some thought into each element, and don’t fear experimenting with different ideas until you find the perfect combination.


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