Top Careers Or Fields to Go Back to School For


There are many reasons why someone might want to return to school. It might be because they want to change their career, or perhaps they have reached a career ceiling and need to learn new skills. These reasons can be completely different for different people. Here are some of the top reasons to go back to school:

Computer Science Majors

Computer science majors are in high demand today, and salaries are rising fast. Careers in this field can include everything from software development and network administration to cybersecurity. While computer science majors are highly sought after, these careers are expensive and time-consuming. However, there are many benefits to a career in computer science.

Those with computer science degrees are in high demand worldwide, and many companies are looking for skilled employees. Not only do computer science majors gain technical expertise, but they develop valuable skills in critical thinking and communication. These skills can be valuable in any industry, and a degree in this field can open doors to lucrative and exciting professional opportunities. In addition to the information technology field, computer science majors are also in demand across the educational sector. The BLS predicts that there will be 667,600 new computer jobs between 2020 and 2030.


Nursing is a career that offers many benefits. Not only do nurses provide direct care to patients, but they also serve as advocates and health educators. These professionals help patients prevent disease and promote health. They may work with physicians and other healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat patients. In addition, nurses may collaborate with speech and occupational therapists and home health aides.

RNs are in demand, and many openings are projected over the next decade. Job growth for RNs is projected to average over 9 percent annually so job seekers should take advantage of resources like Best Universities to find programs that will get them started in the field. Other fields that are growing in demand include telemedicine and telehealth. COVID-19 and faster federal regulatory approval are two factors affecting the growth of these fields. According to the American Telemedicine Association, by 2030, 50% of healthcare services will be offered online.


A graduate degree in epidemiology will help you get a job in public health. Many MPH programs specialize in this field. The bachelor’s degree does not need to be in public health; it can be in any field. However, if you plan to apply to a master’s degree program, you must first earn a bachelor’s degree in hard science.

An epidemiologist must be detail-oriented and thorough to be successful in their job. Their job requires them to collect and analyze data and report their findings. They should also have analytical skills and the ability to work independently. In addition, they should be eager to improve the lives of individuals and the public. They should also be interested in community outreach activities and be curious about healthcare.

Market Research Analysts

The job of a market research analyst involves examining consumer behavior and preferences to help companies develop and market their products. Some work for consulting companies, while others work directly for employers. They collect data on various topics and use statistical tables to analyze the results. They also create charts and graphs to present their findings.

Job opportunities for market research analysts are plentiful. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the occupation is projected to grow 28% between 2008 and 2018, which equates to around seventy thousand new positions.

Public Health Policy Analysts

If you are interested in public health but don’t have the time to work in a medical setting, you could consider a career as a health policy analyst. This career field offers the opportunity to apply what you learn in school to policy decisions affecting millions of Americans’ health. The job entails analyzing future outcomes and making crucial decisions.

Careers in this field require several advanced degrees. A master’s degree in public health or a related field, such as law or economics, is required. Applicants must also demonstrate that they know federal health policy. The Affordable Health Care Act greatly impacts this field and requires extensive knowledge of current healthcare laws.


Psychiatrists work in various settings and can be employed in private practice and hospitals. They also practice in universities, community organizations, the judicial system, and emergency rooms. They can also work in the military and other government agencies.

Psychiatrists are skilled in the doctor-patient relationship and use psychotherapy and therapeutic communication techniques to treat their patients. They may deliver treatment either on an outpatient or inpatient basis. They must also complete continuing education courses to keep up with the latest research and developments in their field.


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