Need to Repair Your Roof? 5 Awesome Ideas


Roof repair is quite an investment and can be a nightmare for homeowners. However, pushing off the humongous task until it’s too late worsens the damage and increases future repair costs. Therefore, if you don’t want more leaks on your head, roof repair is your only option. As much as you’re looking forward to reducing roof repair overheads, it’ll help if you incorporate the following ideas for the best results.

1.    Use Matching Shingles

You may want to replace a fraction of all the installed shingles if they’re missing or rotten. If this is your case, use a consistent style, color, texture, and roofing brand to match other shingles. When you use shingles with a slight difference, they are noticeable from afar, and you don’t want that old look. Therefore, to maintain your home value and appearance, consider the shingles you use for replacement.

2.    Know When to Call Professionals

Many homeowners opt to amend their roofs in case of minor roof damage. Your own repair does not mean you should be an all-time do-it-yourself guy if you don’t have the skills. Bite what you can chew and when you can’t keep up with the problem, hire experts like the IKO Roofing professionals for repairs. The experts also give you insights on what’s economical between repair and replacement and if the latter is due.

3.    Keep the Nail Heads Underneath the Shingles

First, use galvanized steel and aluminum nails that take time before they rust. Also, ensure that you don’t leave any nail head exposed. Also, you can put a significant amount of sealant over the exposed nail heads if it’s impossible to cover the nail heads.

4.    Replace Your Old Roof

Your roof may have served you for a long time. Hence, its damage may be on the extreme side, beyond repair. If so, remove the entire roof and replace it with a new one. This time, you can install a different design to give your home a different aesthetic look or upgrade your shingle choice with the premium offerings of a manufacturer like IKO Shingles. The new top adds warmth to your home and also adds home value, especially if you have a reselling initiative.

5.    Look Into Your Insurance

Your insurance company may cover a portion of roof replacement costs depending on the insurance type. For instance, your insurer may be responsible for some roof replacement due to bad weather, negligence, or age. Therefore, find out if you are eligible for any benefits to help cut costs.

Immediately you notice any damage sign that calls for roof repair or replacement, use the above guidelines to get the best out of your investment. Do thorough research to hire a reputable roofing contractor for professional maintenance. Further, understand the due time to call the pros.


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