How Can A Slip And Fall Injury Lawyer Help You?


Ever wondered what to do when you accidentally slipped on a wet surface and incurred injuries at someone else’s fault? You can get help from a Northern Virginia slip and fall injury attorney to help you with the proper steps if you accidentally broke a bone or got hurt. These lawyers have experience getting the appropriate compensation for you if necessary.

Unfortunately, about 25.4% of seniors (65 and older) in Northern Virginia experience an accidental fall each year. This makes understanding all of the rights that every person has even more crucial, and for the best advice, you should seek out a Northern Virginia slip and fall injury attorney.

Conditions that lead to a fall

  • uneven walking surface and flooring
  • an oily, greasy, or wet floor
  • damaged or unsafe stairways
  • icy streets
  • dangerous situations at building sites
  • poor signs or upkeep on detours

Kinds of injuries that may occur

Numerous injuries, some minor and some requiring medical attention and treatment, can result from slipping and falling. Sprains, strains, and hand and wrist injuries from bracing a fall are a few common ones. Head injuries are also somewhat prevalent, especially when the person falls straight to the ground with no chance to catch himself. Fractures, bruises, traumatic brain injuries like concussions, or even worse, may result from these head injuries.

Who will be accountable?

Property owners must maintain a secure environment for their clients and guests. It should be handled if the property owner knows of a potentially unsafe situation. All of the below can be held responsible.

  • Residential proprietor
  • Business owner
  • The owner of a commercial property
  • Government

How can an attorney help?

You will want the assistance of a Northern Virginia slip and fall injury attorney to help you establish a case against the property owner. Only around 5% of all slip and fall cases in Northern Virginia’s courts go to trial, which is highly uncommon. The insurance company will frequently grant the plaintiff an out-of-court settlement if your attorney can make a compelling case.

What kinds of damage are covered?

For days after a slip and fall accident, you might not feel that you have been hurt. However, if you’ve hit your head, you should seek medical attention right away. Not getting the proper medical care on time could be fatal. A slip-and-fall case will cover the following:

  • Medical costs: A slip-and-fall accident can cause significant injuries, including broken bones or hospitalization. This may lead to expensive medical bills.
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy: Thesemay be necessary for many victims before fully recovering.
  • Lost Wages: Before fully recovering, a person may miss a significant amount of time at work. Even going to the doctor and receiving therapy may cause you to miss work and lose money.
  • Pain and Suffering: Sometimes, the most challenging part of the entire experience for a person to deal with is the physical and mental trauma. Despite the difficulty in estimating these damages, they can nonetheless be compensated according to the law.


Never disregard the possibility of severe consequences following a slip and fall. Reach out to an attorney for advice if you believe damages are associated with your injuries in any circumstance. Also, before assuming you are in excellent health, you should speak with a nearby doctor.


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