The Benefits of Renting Traffic Cones


Traffic cones are helpful tools that keep pedestrians and drivers safe during construction, road works, or other events. In addition to alerting people of road hazards, these cones also help keep events organized. Furthermore, they can help your event adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines for social distancing.

Reduces risk of injury

Using traffic cones is an important safety measure that reduces the risk of injury. They are helpful for short and long-term traffic control. They can keep people safe from one to another and direct traffic during checkpoints. No matter what the use, traffic control is essential to the safety of workers, pedestrians, and bystanders. For this reason, safety managers must identify and implement the proper traffic control measures at project stages. 

Safety cones are used to direct traffic and warn of potential hazards. They are frequently placed in areas where people may need to stop for various reasons, such as a tire blowout or a wildlife strike. They are also helpful in directing traffic at checkpoints. Because of the numerous safety applications, cones will remain an essential product in the safety industry.

Safety cones are frequently brightly colored and can function as warning signs. They are commonly carried in emergency vehicles and used by first responders and personnel. In a roadside emergency, some non-professionals even keep a few cones in their vehicle.

Cones can be used for different purposes, but their most common application is on construction sites and work zones. They can mark areas where heavy equipment is present. They can also be used on highways and other work environments. You can find safety cone rental Washington on rental websites.

Reduces cost

Cones are used for many purposes, from traffic control during disasters to directing traffic at checkpoints. Their large size and high-intensity colors grab the attention of drivers and pedestrians and help create awareness. With their wide range of uses, traffic cones will always be a popular safety product.

Traffic safety cones are a must-have for road construction. They help direct traffic and alert drivers to holes or above-head hazards. Cones are also great for restricting access to other areas of the site. Safety cones are also essential for events with large crowds. Concert halls, for example, use them to mark off-limits areas and direct traffic.

When hiring traffic control companies, look for those with local expertise. These companies can quickly bring you up to speed on local standards and provide a letter stating that the traffic control device is compliant with NHCRP 350. Additionally, they can provide service for the installed device.

Useful in Different Projects

Traffic cones are helpful for many different projects. Choosing the right type of cone depends on the size and location of the project. For example, if you need to create a traffic control plan for an area with large construction workers, you may need orange traffic cones. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to using orange traffic cones – you can choose any color. Drivers and pedestrians are warned of potential hazards using high-visibility orange traffic cones. They are an excellent choice for both commercial and recreational purposes. Their robust design and reflective banding ensure maximum visibility in any weather condition. These traffic cones come in a variety of sizes and weights. Individuals or businesses can rent them depending on the needs of the location.

PVC is commonly used to make high-visibility orange traffic cones. They are highly durable, flexible, and UV-stabilized for long-term visibility. These safety cones have unique bases and meet all MUTCD and NCHRP requirements, in addition to their sturdy construction.

Traffic cones come in sizes, including ten-foot, eight-foot, and 18-foot models. In street work areas, an 18-inch cone is used, whereas a 28-inch traffic cone is used on highways and freeways.


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