The Importance of Gratitude and How to Practice It

Feeling grateful for the good things in your life may have a significant influence on your attitude, look on life, and general well-being. Make sure you take a minute each day to observe and appreciate the things you’re grateful for and help you feel more optimistic in the face of obstacles. 

According to a study, people who practice gratitude daily have 23% lower levels of cortisol (also known as a stress hormone) than those who don’t. So, if you find yourself feeling stressed out or overwhelmed, starting to practice gratitude can have a significant positive impact on your mental and physical health. 

While it’s natural to feel grateful for things such as having a stable job, food on the table, and a healthy family, there are still some things that are neglected or taken for granted. For example, a quick talk with a friend, a nice gesture from a stranger, or a walk in the park, are all reasons to be grateful.

However, people sometimes succumb to the negative news and events surrounding them, which can impact their mental health. When you practice gratitude, you divert your attention away from negative feelings and unpleasant situations, and instead, you learn to see the amazing things that you may have neglected previously.

Approaching life with a more cheerful attitude may simply lift your spirits and have a knock-on effect on all aspects of your life. In this article, we outline four benefits you gain from practicing gratitude. 

Strengthen your spiritual side

Strengthening your spiritual side is one of the best ways to express gratitude. If you find you’re having difficulty with where to start, you might want to speak to someone you trust for advice or consider spiritual training from experts at the Wicca Academy, professionals who offer classes and resources to help aid anyone interested in learning spiritual guidance. They may help you express your sentiments and clear up any doubts you may be currently dealing with because it is all too simple to think negatively, give in to pressure, and be perpetually grumpy.

However, devoting your time and energy to strengthening your beliefs and values through prayer, attending church, and inspirational readings is a life changer. For example, if you are Catholic, you can check the readings of your favorite Catholic saint of the day to gain inspiration and hope during difficult times. It will significantly improve your life, clear your mind and assist you in discovering that gratitude is the key to a happy life.

Share your gratitude with others

Sharing gratitude will have a huge impact on both you and the people surrounding you, causing a chain reaction of positive thoughts and feelings while also strengthening your friendships. Sometimes, even saying thank you to a stranger can produce a significant sense of happiness. So, make an effort every day to express your gratitude to someone. Call your parent, write a thank-you card to an old friend, buy a present for your child, or just be polite with the employee at the supermarket.

Write a journal

Keeping a journal is a strategy that involves writing daily in your notebook all the things that you are grateful for. This is one of the most common methods to express gratitude. Recounting a favorite memory from the day, describing a significant person in your life, or listing five things you’re grateful for that day are all excellent places to start. This will keep you in perspective on all the great things in your life.

Include morning meditation 

Including a morning meditation routine as part of your daily activities can make you concentrate on important things and the people you are surrounded with. Remember the past; both good and bad moments. This puts the present in perspective and helps you view it clearly, making you feel gratitude for everything life has given you and celebrating how far you have come. 

Mornings are generally the ideal time to practice gratitude meditation since it sets the tone for the rest of the day. Each morning, spend one to five minutes performing a guided gratitude meditation and think of all the happy moments that await you during the day. This kind of meditation will help you be happier at home, work, and any other place where you spend your time.

Final thoughts

Practicing gratitude may be difficult at the beginning, especially in these uncertain times. So, it is critical to prioritize implementing this routine in your daily activities. Adopting a grateful attitude is essential in order to promote positivity in your and your loved ones’ life. This is possible if you begin focusing on being grateful for the valuable things you have and engaging in gratitude activities, such as journaling, sharing gratitude with the people around you, and meditating, among many other things. This way, you will feel blessed and happy going forward in life.


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