The Many Types of Personal Injury Cases and the Attorneys Who Specialize in Them

Every day, accidents happen. When another person or company causes the accident, in part or fully, you could sue them. For that purpose, you would need a personal injury attorney who specializes in that area.

Personal Injury Types

As many types of accidents as you can imagine, there exists a lawyer specializing in them. The most common types of personal injuries afford the injured the most choices in representation. The most common types of personal injuries include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Dog bites.

The broad category of workplace accidents also figures among the most common personal injury accident types, as does injury from a manufactured device or product, such as a trampoline.

Finding Attorneys That Specialize

Personal injury attorneys specializing in motor vehicle accidents prove the easiest to find since these accidents occur frequently. Many law practices employ attorneys who further specialize in car accidents, truck accidents, bike accidents, motorcycle accidents, etc. Learn more by visiting this website.

Dog bite attorneys also top the list of the easiest-to-find lawyers specializing in personal injury. These lawyers help individuals injured in a dog bite case recover the costs of medical treatment following the attack.

Although any age of person might experience a slip and fall accident, the elderly, aged 70 or older most frequently experience this type of injury. These accidents don’t only happen in public places, such as retail stores. They could occur in the home, such as in the injured person’s bathroom. When this type of injury occurs at home, the injured may still have a personal injury case if a safety measure they had installed failed to function properly.

For example, a 72-year-old individual hires a general contractor to install grab bars in the bathroom to help them safely get in and out of the tub and to safely use the toilet. One of the grab bars fails, coming away from the wall. The individual becomes injured in a slip-and-fall accident that results from the failed grab bar. A personal injury attorney helps the injured person determine if the fault came from the bar’s design or the installation, then sues the at-fault party for the injured.

Special Categories of Personal Injury Cases

Attorneys who deal with workplace injuries and illnesses put together legal cases that help the injured employee recoup the payments due to them from the workers’ compensation, also called workers’ comp, and that may help them recoup larger settlements from court litigation. Court litigation typically occurs when an employee experiences an egregious injury at work and the employer acted with negligence with regard to safety precautions in the workplace.

The Truth About Personal Injury Cases

Although cases with massive payouts hit the news occasionally, these atypical case results don’t typify personal injury cases. Only cases involving severe injuries payout in large amounts. The payouts for most personal injuries consist of the at-fault party paying for the medical treatment of the individual and repairs to any of their personal property also damaged in the incident.


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