The Ultimate Guide to Applying for a CFN Fuel Card

When choosing a fuel card, you want one that will help you control usage and limit where and how it is used. It includes time and day-of-week limits as well as product controls.

CFN FleetWide cards provide access to over 57,000 truck stops worldwide, industry-standard security controls, and consolidated detailed invoicing.

Apply Online

The CFN fuel card application process is simple and can be completed in just a few minutes. Your account representative will help you every step of the way. Once you have completed the application process, you will receive your cards within a few weeks. Your new cards will allow your fleet to access fuel at Cardlock locations, gas stations, and truck stops that accept the CFN network.

Your CFN Card offers industry-leading controls that give you control of when and where your drivers fuel. You can set the days of the week and gallons per fill limits to ensure that your drivers only fuel when appropriate for your business. Your monthly invoice/fuel management report will give you complete records, by driver and vehicle, of all your fueling activity.

CFN can provide your retail site, or truck stop an excellent opportunity to grow your fleet traffic and gallons by offering the most cost-effective fueling solution in the market. By joining the CFN network, you will open up your business to potential customers currently restricted from fueling at your location. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Receive Your Cards

With a CFN card, you can access a fleet fueling network trusted by thousands of drivers. These private stations are located at Pacific Pride and CFN franchise locations, creating a safe and convenient system to keep your fleet on the road. It includes truck stops and fueling sites that are open 24/7 and offer a variety of amenities. Fleet fuel cards allow you to select the best sites for your needs while ensuring you receive the industry’s most competitive pricing.

CFN and PacPride are based on retail, wholesale rack prices, meaning you save significantly over retail credit card pump pricing. It helps reduce your fleet fuel costs and provides a stable cost structure. It can also help avoid price volatility, which is expected at retail gas stations with a credit card markup.

Once your cards have been approved, receiving them typically takes only a few minutes. The cardholder will then be able to use their new CFN cards at any of our local and nationwide CFN and PacPride fueling sites and at truck stops that accept the FleetWide card. You can find these locations by using our online site locator or downloading our mobile app for iPhone and Android.

Determine Your Needs

Whether you operate one vehicle or an entire fleet, having a transparent system ensures that only authorized employees make fuel purchases will reduce your overall per-gallon costs. A card lock fuel program is the best way to do this. These programs are designed to protect your company from costly theft of fuel and equipment.

A fleet fuel card lets you manage your company’s most considerable expenses better. It provides controls to mitigate against the possibility of fraud that can quickly happen without suitable systems. These cards can be used at locations within the CFN network, including card locks (unattended fueling stations explicitly designed for commercial fleets), retail gas stations, and truck stops.

These sites are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and offer wholesale/cost plus pricing at card locks, industry-standard security controls at all retail locations, and 24/7 access to petroleum products, account management, truck stop services, and more. CFN also offers a variety of perks, including detailed invoices, profiles for individual drivers, customizable card controls, 24/7 online access, and the highest quality mag-stripe cards.

All CFN FleetWide cards can customize a card by driver, department, or even your entire fleet and can be set with specific fueling times, gallons limits, and product controls for complete fuel accountability. They also provide the industry’s first and only comprehensive fraud protection for peace of mind on the road.

Determine Your Credit Score

Having the right fuel card can help truckers and fleets save on diesel while also helping them manage expenses. A fuel card designed explicitly for fleets provides savings on diesel at truckstop partners that have negotiated discounts with the card provider. Additionally, these cards provide essential data that can be used to reduce costs, track fuel usage for optimal routing and driver safety, and understand the purchasing habits of drivers to spot potential fraud before it occurs.

The CFN Network, or Commercial Fueling Network, offers various discounted truckstop partners across the United States. With over 3,000 locations, this network is one of the country’s largest discount card lock networks. These sites offer cost-plus or retail-minus pricing, making it easy to save on diesel and get back on the road fast. Plus, these sites are created with trucks in mind, providing overhead clearance, space to make wide turns, and satellite dispensers for high-speed refueling.

Many trucking companies, distributors, manufacturers, and construction firms utilize CFN discounts for their fleets. They enjoy international access to over 55,000 CFN, industry-standard security controls, and consolidated invoicing. Other benefits include purchasing ULSD, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel, and Red Dye Diesel at select fueling locations with CFN. Additionally, the flexibility to use CFN cards at other non-card lock locations like Chevron, Sinclair, and Wawa is another perk that can save money.


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