The Ultimate Guide to Exploring Rare Cannabinoids – Everything You Need to Know

Cannabis produces a complex cocktail of medicinally-valuable molecules. Some, like THC and CBD, have well-established effects, but many lesser-known cannabinoids offer just as much benefit.

THCA for weight loss, CBG for pain relief, and CBN for sleep have all been shown to offer specific benefits, but many others deserve some attention. This guide will explore a selection of rare cannabinoid compounds and their effects.

What are Rare Cannabinoids?

When consumers see the words “rare cannabinoid” on product labels, they know they’re getting a new experience. A rare cannabinoid company produces THCV, CBG, and CBN, which offer benefits that differ from the more popular THC.

They only occur in small amounts in cannabis and hemp plants, but they’re becoming more widely available. Scientists have developed environmentally friendly ways to produce them in larger quantities.

This means rare cannabinoid products are poised to boom like CBD did a few years ago. Unlike CBD, however, these new products must be backed by better science. To ensure that, producers will need to learn from CBD’s missteps and avoid the same mistakes. 

What are the Benefits of Rare Cannabinoids?

Although research on rare cannabinoids is sparse, they attract attention from researchers who see their potential as medical compounds. For instance, cannabifuran (CBF), cannabichromene (CBC), and cannabidivarin (CBDV) have attracted the interest of researchers due to their ability to increase levels of CB1 receptors.

The resulting therapeutic effects include reduced pain and nausea, improved mood, and even the easing of depression. As research on these compounds continues, they’ll help expand the cannabis industry’s repertoire of natural, non-psychoactive wellness remedies.

Like CBD, rare cannabinoids face three major challenges that must be overcome to become mainstream health and wellness products. These include the need for consumer education centered on specific wellness effects, the availability of high-quality raw materials, and new production methods that yield higher yields at lower costs. 

How Can I Find Rare Cannabinoids?

The cannabis industry is abuzz with a new trend: rare cannabinoid products. These specialty compounds are poised to significantly disrupt the pharmaceutical, CPG, nutraceutical, and cosmetic industries by delivering better and more targeted therapeutic effects.

While THC and CBD have become household names, many consumers remain unaware of the benefits of other cannabinoids. For instance, many weed connoisseurs may have never heard of cannabifuran (CBF), cannabinol (CBN) and cannabielsoin (CBE).

Rare cannabinoids occur in very small quantities in natural plants and were impossible to extract in large enough amounts to be commercially viable until recently. Fortunately, new breeding technologies have enabled cultivators to grow cannabis sativa strains rich in these cannabinoids.

How Can I Make Rare Cannabinoids?

Unlike CBD, which can be made in the lab and scaled up to meet mass market demand, rare cannabinoids can’t be produced that easily. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be infused into hemp and cannabis products in larger quantities. 

Whether used alone or combined with other cannabinoids, each rare cannabinoid offers a unique wellness effect. For example, CBC has antibacterial properties that could help fight antibiotic-resistant strains, while CBN is known for its sleep-promoting and relaxation benefits. Adding these cannabinoids to hemp and cannabis products can help companies target specific consumer wellness needs and establish them as leaders in the CBD industry.


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