Why You Should Run For Local Office


Every morning you read your local newspaper over a cup of coffee, a time-honoured tradition. It used to be something you looked forward to, a great way to get the brain warmed up before starting the day ahead of you and to keep your finger on your community’s pulse. But these days things have changed. You realize that you are starting to dread that newspaper!

It seems like it’s all negatives, instead of inspiring your day it’s souring it, putting you into a dark funk that can haunt your steps. As for the community, well, if it does have a pulse it’s a thready one, the things that you value are falling by the wayside, and the focus is on all the wrong issues.

It can even make you angry as you read about things that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. “Who are these lunatics, and why are they hell-bent on wrecking our once wonderful community?” As you sit and fume you might find yourself asking the question “But what can I do about it?” Well, you could sit and suffer in silence, as so many people sadly do, or you could get up and actually do something about it, and that thing is to run for local office.

Local governments all across Australia

The fact is local governments all across Australia are sorely in need of people like you who have a strong passion for improving things for everyone and want to give their time and effort into making it happen! You should know upfront that it’s going to be a big undertaking, and it will by no means be easy, but if you are someone who is really hungry to make a difference you will find your convictions become the wind that fills your sails, driving you onward toward victory.

And, it’s not all hard work, running for local office can be fun, too, designing your campaign’s signs and slogans, then sending them off to bumper sticker printing and poster-making services, then eventually seeing the results as you drive around town can be a very satisfying experience. It’s perfectly fine to take some pride in having your name displayed in public, you should be proud because you are doing something that’s bigger than just yourself, you are doing something for all the people who think like you as they frown over that newspaper, you are giving them a voice, and they rightfully celebrate you for your selfless contribution.

There are some things you will need to do to prepare yourself for both running for office, then doing a great job once you have won your election, and have taken your seat in the local government. It’s important that you study up on the mechanisms that make government run so you will be able to step in and operate comfortably within that framework.

The Parliamentary Education Office is dedicated to educating Australians about taking part in Australia’s parliamentary democracy, and have helpful information for would-be candidates.


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