The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Shorts for Women

Shorts have long been a summertime staple for many women. They find the ideal pair of shorts for your body type, whether short or tall, slender or plus size, challenging.

Thankfully, more options are available than ever on the high street to flatter your specific body shape. From chic a-line-shaped shorts to cut-offs that don’t look like hotpants, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to finding the perfect shorts for you this season.

Fashion Shorts

Fashion shorts are a terrific option for women who wish to add flair to their everyday attire. Finding a pair that complements your personality and taste is simply because they are available in various materials, colors, and styles.

The first step in learning the best shorts for women is identifying a look that flatters your figure. There are numerous approaches to accomplishing this, but the most crucial is to pick a pair that fits you well.

One of the best tips to find a flattering fit is to go up one size. If you’re a regular size 14 and wear a size 16 in jeans, consider getting a size 16.

Another tip for finding a flattering fit is to avoid tight or skin-tight fabrics. While these may be comfortable, they won’t hide any of your body imperfections or give you that sexy fit we all love.

High-waisted shorts can be incredibly flattering if you’re a curvy or hourglass figure. These shorts have an elasticized waistband for comfort and fit and are made of thin fabric.

You can also look for a flattering length when shopping for shorts. A longer inseam will help to elongate your leg line and can make your legs appear more comprehensive than they are.

High-Waisted Shorts

High-waisted shorts are a perfect choice if you don’t like hip-hugging pants or want to add a little more shape to your look. They’re flattering on nearly everyone and come in a wide range of cuts and fabrics to suit your style.

If you have a rectangle or H-shaped body, patterned and graphic shorts are ideal for giving your legs a slimming look. These styles also help to highlight your hips and shoulders, making you appear curvier.

Women with pear-shaped or hourglass figures can wear cuffed shorts, as they make the legs look longer. However, they should avoid super high-waisted styles as they make the waist appear too small.

For a more subtle option, choose dark-washed denim shorts with a low rise that sits right at the hip bones. These shorts look great on various body shapes and go well with several tops, such as t-shirts and blouses.

Wear cuffed shorts with a smooth front zipper that won’t add bulky buttons or extra volume when choosing cuffed shorts. This zipper type is incredibly flattering on a woman with curvy hips.

You can also dye your high-waisted shorts if you don’t like the original color. You can do this by purchasing a clothing dye and following the instructions on the package.

Chino Shorts

Chino shorts are a summertime staple, perfect for a casual or preppier aesthetic. They work well with T-shirts, polo shirts, and button-ups, offering a fresh and stylish look.

There are numerous approaches to accomplishing this, but the most crucial is to pick a pair that fits you well. It helps to keep them in place when you’re moving and ensures that they don’t ride up or cling to the skin.

When it comes to chino shorts, you’ll also want to consider the fabric they’re made from. You’ll find a variety of materials available, including pure cotton and blends with linen or technical fibers for added stretch.

For example, chino shorts are made from fine twill material, a combination of smooth cotton, and a little spandex for moves-with-you comfort. The result is a soft, broken-in fabric that’s comfortable and breathable all day.

You’ll also want to choose a pair with a great fit and a high-quality fabric that will last years. It can include a cotton twill or a linen and cotton blend, which is popular with a wide range of designers.

If you’re looking for a pair of chino shorts that will have you stand out in the crowd, try going for a printed or patterned design. You can mix and match different patterns for a more exciting look.

Athletic Shorts

If you prefer to work out but want to avoid dealing with the bulkiness of long pants or a skirt, athletic shorts might be your best option. They come in various lengths, so you can choose the pair that works best for your fitness goals, and they’re typically made from breathable materials to help keep you cool and dry.

The best athletic shorts are also durable to withstand abrasion from knurling during deadlifts, clean & jerks, and other lifting exercises. The material should also be comfortable and allow you to move quickly without restricting your range of motion.

You’ll also want to find shorts that have a flexible seam. It will make it easier to perform movements such as squats and lunges without any unnecessary resistance, which can cause damage to your muscles.

There are many different types of shorts on the market, including compression, bike, basketball, and soccer. You must know their distinctions to select the best that meets your needs. Compression shorts, for instance, are intended to support and lessen muscle fatigue while riding, but they don’t withstand heavy use well and can chafe.

A good pair of sports shorts should be comfortable and breathable. They should also be lightweight so they won’t weigh you down during exercise. They should also be sufficiently stretched so that you can efficiently perform squats, lunges, and pushes.


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