What is a Sleep Score? Ways to Improve Sleep Score

When you have a good night’s sleep, you wake up energized and charged up in the morning. With a good sleep you are able to perform well through the day, you feel like doing work, having food and willing to complete every task of the day with enthusiasm. Especially, if you are a student or an employee your sleep quality is really very necessary to yield a high level of concentration and focus in your study or work. When you have a good sleep your mind and body are recharged, quality sleep is necessary for the well-being of both mind and body.

Sleep quality also depends on sleep quantity. Sleep quantity is the number of hours or duration of your sleep. Studies suggest an ideal hour of sleep counts to 8 hours every day, but the minimum hours of sleep must be at least 6 hours daily. Sleeping less than that or more than that will give rise to several problems of mind and body, which will affect your day poorly and you will feel drained and tired very easily. Whereas, good sleep regulates energy in the body and mind, on the other hand poor sleep regulates fatigue. Hence, we have a concept of counting our everyday sleep score, which helps us to minimize loopholes, in order to get better quality sleep. 

What does a sleep score mean?

Sleep score is a phenomenon of counting quality and quantity of your sleep-in numbers. The calculation of sleep is done out of 100 points. Your overall sleep score is the sum total of sleep quality, duration and restoration. The score is based on your sleeping and resting heart rates and how much time you spent tossing and turning while sleeping. An excellent sleeping score is said to be ranging between 90-100, a score between 70-90 is considered good, and anything below 70 says that you need to prioritize your sleep quality. The sleep score can be counted through mobile applications and smart watches by measuring the dynamics of your resting heart rate, body temperature, movement and time spent on different sleeping positions. Therefore, everyone wishes to have a good sleeping score. Let’s find out the necessary parameters to work on for improving your sleep quality.

  1. Minimize the use of electronic devices– Devices like, cell phone, laptops and television must be avoided before bedtime. These devices regulate harmful radiation and heat waves that affect sound sleep. The blue light causes problems like migraine and poor vision, which ultimately affects our mind and body negatively. Hence, it is good to reduce screen-time before bedtime to catch instant sleep, without giving any kind of stress to your eyes. Moreover, by stopping the use of electronic devices at least 30 minutes before you go to bed, it can enhance the sleep duration and quality.
  2. Following consistent sleep schedule– Going to bed at any time without setting a particular sleep time is a poor habit to have, it affects your sleep catching power. When you fix a time for sleep you automatically tend to catch sleep at that particular time every day. There are people who find it difficult to get to sleep on time and take certain medicines like melatonin to sleep early. These are the shortcuts to having a consistent sleep, as you cannot always rely on medicines to sleep and it is not possible in the long run. Hence the only good thing one can do is inculcating a habit of following a consistent sleep schedule and sticking to a particular bedtime.
  3. Choosing the right mattress– One of the most common reasons for having poor quality of sleep is sleeping on the wrong mattress. Every mattress is not suitable to all, there are certain aspects that are necessary to consider before choosing the right mattress for yourself. From your sleeping position to your body type everything matters for the selection of mattress. There comes a time when your mattress stops doing its job properly and causes you discomfort while sleeping, hence it is the right time to go for a new one, contemplate various aspects such as size, dimension, material and price before purchasing a mattress, the Slumber Search team does the job for you by offering enough options. Therefore, a perfect selection of mattress is the best you can do to have a good night’s sleep.
  4. Avoid beverages containing caffeine– Beverages such as coffee and alcohol can disrupt your sleep. The disruptive effects of regular caffeine use on sleep can create a vicious cycle. Caffeine causes sleep deprivation, and sleep deprivation causes sleepiness the subsequent day. This affects your entire day poorly and you tend to mismanage your tasks. Therefore, instead of having caffeine drinks, have beverages like warm milk, almond milk, valerian tea, chamomile tea etc. These are said to improve sleep quality along with being healthy. They are tasty as well, and don’t have any harmful effects on your body, instead they enrich you with vitamins and proteins. Hence, eliminate the use of caffeine and include these drinks in your diet for good sleep.
  5. Have a relaxing session before bedtime– Coming-up with a relaxing pre-bedtime routine like reading a book or taking a warm shower are helpful to regulate sound sleep. These activities relax your body and mind to a level where it gets easy for you to fall asleep. Reading a good book before bedtime fills you with positive thoughts and taking a warm shower releases stress and composes your body and mind. Therefore, give yourself some healthy pre-bed sessions to enhance sleep quality. This is one of the best methods to increase your sleep score, it is highly effective and has many other benefits as well.


Calculating your sleep score is a good thing to do, if you feel that you are missing out on having proper sleep. The parameters will help you to manage proper sleep cycle, including duration, quality and restoration. Once you start to have a proper bedtime routine and habits you will achieve quality sleep.

Moreover, being consistent with your routine and habits will help you to organize and plan your day nicely, which will ultimately boost your performance through the day. Finally, these are some of the proven ways to refine your sleep, and bring zeal in your day.


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