10 Ideas for Decorating With Incandescent Rope Lights

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Rope lights are a unique way to add light and style to a room or outdoor space. They are perfect for creating a stylish perimeter or showing off a unique architectural feature.

They can also be used to create wall art, like this fun word made from rope lights. This is an excellent idea for a bedroom or kids’ room and can be a fun alternative to hanging artwork.

Hang them on a tree

Rope lights are famous for outlining trees, illuminating staircases, and accenting landscape and porch lighting. They’re also helpful for holiday decorating.

When installing incandescent rope lights on a tree, many top decorating experts recommend starting at the bottom and working your way up. This technique will ensure that all branches are lighted without leaving dark spots.

Plug-in rope light kits have everything needed, including clear incandescent spools that can be cut every 36 inches. Waterproof connectors are included.

Hang them on a wall

Use rope lights to create a focal wall in your home. The mellow brightness will add an inviting feel to any space.

Mounting clips are a popular choice for hanging rope lights because they’re easy to install and secure to surfaces. They’re best suited for flat walls with no curves or corners.

Before you hang your lights, check for a power connector at the end of each strand. The connector fits over one cut end to prevent them from connecting.

Hang them on the ceiling

Rope lights can illuminate ceilings and other objects creatively, creating a unique focal point for any room. They are also great for outdoor spaces requiring accent lighting, like illuminating landscape contours or walkways.

To hang rope lights without damaging your walls, use adhesive hooks designed to hold the weight of your light strands. Choose those designed to work on your type of wall surface and follow the instructions on the package.

Hang them on a door

Rope lights work well as a way to outline landscape borders and walkways. They’re also a favorite for creating one-of-a-kind lighting displays.

Before purchasing mounts or installing them, carefully mark the locations on your home where you want your rope light to run. It will help you avoid unnecessary damage later on. You can use adhesive hangers or screw-on hooks. You can also get connectors like Y-shaped ones that splice two different strands together or an X-shaped one that joins four strands.

Hang them on a shelf

Rope lights are an easy way to add color to your space. They can brighten up the night and look great on a staircase.

Use plastic cable clips to secure rope lighting to a surface. Place the clips at regular intervals down a length of rope light and gently snap them in place. Next, attach the power connector by separating the screw compression cover from the end of the power cord and aligning the pins of the connector to those of the rope light.

Hang them on a fence

Use rope lights to add warmth and a touch of magic to an outdoor space. Start by determining the height you want your lights to be suspended, and mark the first location for each hook or nail.

Select plastic cable clips sized to fit your rope light and hammer them into the designated mounting points on your fence. Pull the string tautly as you work.

Hang them on a window

Try mounting clips for a more straightforward way to hang rope lights. These look like C-shaped rings with holes for two screws and are open on one side to slide light strands through. They’re great for areas that have few twists and turns.

Use them to line a staircase or around a window. They also work well for accent lighting above bookshelves and tables in a living space.

Hang them on a chandelier

Create a magical space for children to play and relax with a tepee made from rope lights. You can add them to a billowing canopy bed for a whimsical look.

Mounting clips can be used to secure a strand of rope light on a wall without nails or screws. Mark about every 12 inches with a pencil where the hangers will go on the wall.

Hang them on a ceiling

While the ceiling is often a neglected wall in decorating, it can be used to display items and add illumination. Tape and mounting putty are easy options for hanging decorations on the ceiling without damaging the paint or leaving marks.

Rope light spools come with multiple sets of basic powering and connecting accessories, and specialty attachments are available for projects with unique design requirements. When paired with a chasing controller, many rope light products have chasing capabilities (sold separately).

Hang them on a wall

Achieve an impressive ambiance without damaging your walls using clips specially designed for this purpose. Brick clips, for example, hold onto brick walls without leaving marks or holes.

You can also use velcro strips to hang your lights on a wall. These stick firmly but peel apart easily when you need to remove them or change the lighting. They also come in different lengths for a flexible lighting solution.


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