Amy Arnaz Cause of Death and Bio(Desi Arnaz Jr.’s Wife) – 7 Unknown Facts

Amy Arnaz

Amy Arnaz was an American dancer and animal activist who pursued her career in the entertainment industry. During her life, she was more often called Miss Amy by fans and admired by fans. Her death was sudden to many, given how passionate she was about the things she loved.

Even after many years since her passing, Miss Amy will always be remembered by her family, friends, and fans. She had an interesting life before death took him. But there are still many facts about her that are hidden and unknown to the world.

Amy Arnaz Biography

Amy Arnaz Biography

Amy was born with the real name Amy Laura Bargiel on September 12, 1951, in Chicago, Illinois. Her parents were named Charles and Libby Kral Bargiel. She grew up with her brother, Tom Bargiel, and her sister, Lisa Bargiel, who lived longer than her. Amy has one biological child from her first marriage to Fredrick Charf, Haley Arnaz.

Amy is a person who is very attached to spirituality. Vernon Howard’s writings succeeded in influencing his spirituality. To build his faith, she joined as a member of the New Life Foundation.

During her lifetime, she was married twice, and at the time of his death in 2015s, he was still married to his second partner, Desi Arnez Jr. Amy has one daughter, Haley, from marriage to her first husband.

Amy Arnaz’s Death

In January 2013, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Since then, she has been trying to battle the illness he suffered for two years. She lost her battle on January 23, 2015, and was declared dead. She was 63 years old at the time of her death. Her death came four days after her husband’s 62nd birthday celebrations. It was the most unpleasant time for the family.

The announcement of her death appeared on her husband’s Facebook page, which was handled by Jaime Vermeulen, who was a close friend of their family. To pay their last respects to Miss Amy, mourners gathered at the Bicentennial Park in pink balloons.

7 Hidden Facts About Amy Arnaz During Her Life:

1.        Amy Arnaz’s Marriage Jurney

Amy Arnaz's Marriage

Amy’s marriage to her first husband ended in divorce in 1979. Amy gave birth to a daughter, Haley Charf, who was only three years old when they divorced. Years after her divorce, Amy met actor Desi Arnaz Jr. Desi, the son of a famous actress in the show “I Love Lucy,” starring her father, Desi Arnaz, and her mother, Lucille Ball.

Amy and Desi Arnaz Jr. married as a couple on October 8, 1987. Desi Arnaz Jr. is Amy’s second husband from her second marriage. Even though their household had its challenges, this second marriage lasted until his death.

2.       Passionate About Dance

Most of his career was involved as a dancer and dance instructor. By becoming an instructor, She finds it a great experience teaching others to understand how to dance. Until the end of her life, Amy continued to teach others how to dance.

Before becoming a full-time dancer, she trained with famous dancers such as Christina Carson and Sonja Arova. But then Arova continued her journey to teach ballet at the University of Nevada. Although she loved dancing, one of her biggest influences on dancing was Vassili Sulich, founder of the Nevada Dance Theatre.

3.       Her second husband adopts her biological daughter

Desi Arnaz

Haley is the biological daughter of Amy Arnaz from her marriage to her first husband. However, Desi Arnaz Jr. officially adopted him after she married his mother. From her mother’s marriage and her stepfather’s adoption, Haley has another sibling, Julia Arnaz. Desi Arnazz Jr. was revealed to be Julia’s real father after he made a court request for a DNA test.

After DNA tests were carried out, Julia was confirmed as the biological daughter of Desi Arnaz Jr. Her mother was a model who was 23 years old when she was in a relationship with her father, then 17 years old. Haley Arnaz also loves to dance, just like her mother. When she was a child, she joined her mother’s dance academy.

4.       Amy Arnaz Was The Director Of The Boulder City Ballet Company

Although this may sound familiar to many, in its day, it was a place frequented by dancers. The Boulder Theater is home to a ballet company. The building was purchased by her husband in 1997 to meet the needs of the community, such as entertainment.

5.       Amy Arnaz Was An Animal Activist

Together with her husband, this former dancer and dance instructor saves many animals. They both dedicate part of their lives to taking care of baby elephants. Amy and her husband adopt a baby elephant whose parents died as a result of the ivory trade.

6.       Amy’s husband is allegedly rumored to be Sean Austin’s biological father

Before his marriage to Amy, both Desi Arnaz Jr and Amy had their respective partners. Desi once dated Patty Duke who some sources state that he is the biological father of one of her sons. Desi decides to form a friendship with Sean and agrees to a DNA test. However, the test results came back negative and no one knows the truth behind Sean’s father.

7.       Compete in Miss Las Vegas

Just from the photo, you can see that Amy Arnaz is a beautiful woman. In 1970 she competed for Miss Las Vegas to reach the next round. If she increases the rounds, she will be in line for the Miss Nevada competition.


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