Benefits of Using Corporate Video Production for Your Business

Corporate video production is a crucial marketing tool for any business. It can create a range of benefits for your business, including increasing traffic to your website, improving SEO rankings, and building brand awareness.

A well-produced company video can help your clients understand what makes you unique in a way that text and photos never can. It can also feature outside testimony if this is relevant to your message.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

Corporate video production is not just a great way to reach your target audience; they also help you boost your search engine rankings. This is because Google loves video content. Having a video on your website increases the chance of your site being found by potential customers, which means more business for you.

Video marketing has a substantial impact on the click-through rate (CTR). This is an important metric to consider when evaluating your marketing campaigns. If your videos aren’t getting the attention or clicks you want, it might be time to make changes.

When choosing a video production company, look for one with experience creating marketing videos for businesses like yours. This will ensure that the end product is well-crafted and optimized for SEO. It will also show that they understand your business and will produce a high-quality video meeting your expectations.

Enhanced Brand Awareness

When a video is interesting, it can instantly capture consumers’ attention. Just think about how children react to their favorite song when they hear it – they stop whatever they’re doing and listen to it intently. Corporate videos have the same ability to stop customers in their tracks, making them pause and engage with your message.

Videos also provide a more relatable and accessible form of marketing than written content. They’re easy to understand and can be shared across several platforms. They are more likely to be viewed than text or images on social media, which is critical to any successful marketing strategy.

Video can help companies showcase their products or services to potential clients and investors. This is especially useful for new businesses looking to gain traction in the market. Often, clients want to work with a company that shares their values and vision. A video can demonstrate this without commercial constraints, like 30 or 60-second spots on television or radio.

Increased Conversion Rates

Corporate video production is ideal for encouraging potential customers to take the next step and become clients. Corporate videos can create effective call-to-action campaigns, ensuring that your business remains top of mind for your audience and helping them remember why your product is better than the competition.

Videos also work as great bottom-of-funnel content, bringing the customer over the line and closing the sale. Production demonstration videos are a great example of this, as they allow the client to see exactly how the product works and how it can benefit them in real life.

Other corporate videos include onboarding and tutorial videos, which can help streamline training processes and remove pressure from HR departments. These can be used internally or externally and are a great way to provide value for your customers without adding to their costs. They can also be shared via social media (as long as they don’t contain private/ sensitive information) and TikTok to reach a more comprehensive online audience.

Increased Sales

Using videos on your website is one of the best ways to engage your audience and convert them into paying customers. Video production companies like Starks Media can create corporate videos that capture your brand tone of voice and convey your products and services to your audience. You can use them on websites, social media platforms, or even for in-store digital displays. You can also embed them on landing pages to boost your SEO results. As per a recent survey conducted by Wyzowl, 86% of businesses that employ video marketing have seen an increase in their sales.

Corporate video production is an engaging and entertaining form of content that helps to build trust between businesses and consumers. These videos’ personalized nature helps connect the two parties and encourages potential customers to buy your products or services. Moreover, unlike TV or radio commercials with strict time limits, corporate videos can be as long or short as you wish.

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