5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Cloud Phone System

A business phone system with the right features improves productivity and enables employees to work remotely. If you’re considering upgrading your current setup, consult a reputable VoIP provider for recommendations that fit your business. Savvy businesses are joining the shift to cloud-hosted voice and phone systems.


Cloud phone systems enable businesses to scale quickly without requiring a costly infrastructure upgrade. The system is hosted off-site, making it easy for IT to access and change user profiles and settings from anywhere. Many business VoIP solutions, a comprehensive cloud phone resource from Ooma, also have tools that improve team collaboration and customer services, like auto-attendant and IVR menus. Cloud phone systems eliminate the need for expensive landline phones, allowing users to connect using PCs and softphone apps. They also support simultaneous ringing, enabling callers to simultaneously ring desktop phones and mobile devices. This is important for employees who work in different offices or remote locations and must maintain contact even when on the go.


With a cloud phone system, you can keep your team connected no matter where they are. This helps boost productivity and gives your team a seamless experience when they’re working outside the office. Many VoIP providers have features like instant messaging, a mobile app that employees can access on their devices, and call recording. These tools are essential for businesses today, as most work happens outside the office. A top-tier cloud phone system also offers security benefits for your business. Spam and phishing calls are easy to detect with these systems, offering advanced options that prevent them from getting through. In addition, they can provide data-driven insights for operations managers to make intelligent strategic decisions and assess employee performance. Those are features you won’t find on traditional landlines.


With a cloud phone system, business owners don’t have to worry about maintaining their hardware. This massive time-saver for IT teams allows managers to focus more on strategic priorities. In addition, cloud systems can be configured and set up with a few clicks without needing maintenance professionals. This saves on IT costs and allows businesses to avoid paying for features they may never use. The best cloud phone systems also have built-in analytics features that make it easy for customer-facing team members to access client data, track performance, and gauge consumer satisfaction. Additionally, call recording and transcribed features allow managers to find areas for improvement quickly. This makes the best cloud phone systems perfect for remote working.


The best phone systems allow you to create a more diverse communications opinion for your customers, so they can quickly contact your customer support and sales teams via chat, an online form, a phone call, or a live video conference. This helps you to save time while providing your customers with excellent service. Additionally, cloud communications systems provide call analytics that can help you assess team performance and customer satisfaction levels. You can monitor caller demographics, peak times, and daily call volume. With cloud telephony, your business can easily add more extensions and enable functionalities to boost productivity and support growth. Moreover, data is stored at multiple geographically distributed data centers, which improves security over traditional business phones.


A cloud phone system is hosted in multiple geographically diverse data centers, so you get the peace of mind that your business communications will continue even if the power or internet at your office fails. Many of these systems offer features like a click-to-call app for mobile devices and CRM integration, so your team can access customer information from anywhere. Some cloud phone service providers even offer a live call center to help you troubleshoot any issues. This takes some pressure off your IT department and gives you a dedicated team of experts to help whenever you need them. Most of these providers also have a self-service portal where you can find answers to common questions. This makes them more flexible than traditional phone systems.


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