Garden Maintenance Solutions for Busy Homeowners

Let’s face it, a great many Australian homeowners work extremely hard to maintain their lifestyle; chasing the dollar to support your family and give them a good standard of living is definitely a full-time job. Mother nature works around the clock and that stunning garden you love doesn’t stay that way for long, which is where garden maintenance comes into play.

Tailored Solutions

You might be flying all over the world, closing new deals and all you really need is one visit per month, or you might spend a lot of time at home and would prefer a weekly visit.

The following are typically included in a garden maintenance contract;

  • Grasscutting – Either a rotary or cylinder cut, removing the cuttings.
  • Flower bed weed and mulch.
  • Tree pruning & deadwood removal.
  • Trimming the hedges.
  • Power wash the terrace.
  • Green waste removal.
  • Clean paths & driveway.

You can select all or some of the above, plus you can decide on the frequency; the best tree removal in the Northern Beaches is only a phone call away, should you wish to reclaim an area of your garden.

Eco-Friendly maintenance

The green waste is recycled to make fertiliser; you could designate a corner of your garden for compost, which will organically feed your trees, shrubs and flowers. Start with a Google search to locate local landscape contractors, browse a few sites and ask one to visit and quote for the maintenance.

A local landscaper would have a long list of properties to maintain and will attend as requested; if you would like to add a few features, he is the man to talk to. He can quote for any project you have in mind, while a reasonable monthly fee covers the garden maintenance. If you are thinking about real estate investment, click here.

Pruning & tree care

Trees require pruning and shaping, which can be carried out during one of the regular visits, plus the contractor makes recommendations regarding tree care. A tree surgeon would only recommend removal as a last resort, but if you want to reclaim the space, the tree can be felled and the roots removed by a stump-grinding machine.

Mature trees need regular pruning if they are to retain shape and proportion, which is one service offered by landscape gardeners. It takes a lot of preparation to remove a large tree and a tree surgeon is also insured for every eventuality.

Seasonal maintenance

Some homeowners postpone the garden maintenance during the winter months, with perhaps a single visit to keep things manageable. It all depends on you and how detailed you want the work to be; the contractor has all the equipment and know-how to keep your outdoor living space looking good. 

Keeping the garden trim is important and it doesn’t take long for it to look unsightly; talk to a local landscape contractor about arranging regular visits to your home and the problem is solved.


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