How to Mix and Match Children’s Clothing for Endless Outfit Options

When buying children’s clothing, the more versatile it is, the better. This is especially true since kids grow faster than their clothes can keep up with them.

Standard essentials like joggers pair well with any shirt and work as an easy layering piece on cold days. Additionally, they can be complemented with an attractive hair clip for girls or a digital watch for boys.


Buying standard staples that work well together is one of the most effective strategies for blending and matching your kids’ clothing. For example, a pair of denim jackets collaborates with practically everything, as do short-sleeved shirts and long-sleeved t-shirts in neutral colors like navy blue and khaki. If your child is a girl, consider picking up a few pairs of pants with fun patterns and colors that go nicely with the shark, tropical, or dino land shirts she can wear over them.

The best way to buy these staple pieces is by shopping at yard sales or flea markets. These are great locations for finding high-quality, stylish clothes in sizes that your children won’t outgrow before they need to wear them again – although you can also get clothes at big-box discount stores such as Janie and Jack. Every mix-and-match outfit requires a statement piece, so look for accessories that can be worn with multiple garments – a pretty pendant or cool hair clip for your daughter or a digital watch and baseball cap for your son.


When shopping for children, buying neutral-colored pieces that mix and match easily with other clothing items is a good idea. These clothes are easier to maintain, too, as they won’t show stains or wear and tear as easily as brighter or bolder colors.

Neutrals also work well for different seasons, making them a wardrobe staple. For example, a long-sleeve layering shirt that’s neutral in color can be worn alone in the summer and layered with a sweater or jacket in fall or winter.

Additionally, neutral-colored clothing is ideal for play because it’s less likely to show stains or wear and tear from everyday activities like climbing trees and riding scooters. Pairing your child’s favorite outfit with a nice piece of jewelry or a cool hair clip is also a great way to add some extra personality to their look. When choosing accessories, try to find ones that can be used with multiple outfits — this allows for even more mix-and-match options.

Statement Pieces

Most parents want their children to wear the latest fashion trends, but keeping up with the fast-changing styles can be cost-prohibitive. The key to a sustainable wardrobe is building a collection of capsule pieces.

Staples like fitted, soft tees will work well with all accessories. They’re also comfortable to wear in any season, so you can get a lot of use from them before they outgrow them.

Color is another valuable tool when it comes to mixing and matching outfits. A brightly colored bottom can be paired with other tops in the same shade for a cohesive look perfect for special occasions. For example, a pair of blue jeans can be worn with a matching T-shirt and hat to attend a birthday party or family outing. The right shoes and accessories can complete the outfit as well. The same concept can be applied to a skirt or dress suit for formal events.


Every mix-and-match outfit requires a few statement pieces to liven it up. Look for accessories worn with various clothing, like a pretty pendant or cool hair clip for your lady and a digital watch or baseball cap for boys.

Kids’ clothes are subject to a lot of wear and tear, so buying inexpensive items in bulk is best. Then, you can replace them when they get dirty or worn out. You can save money on clothing for the next kid by handing these pieces to younger siblings!

Pairing clothing items together into a set is an easy way to create children’s outfits. Jan & Jul offers great mix-and-match options, like the Tropical and Dinoland shorts with matching long-sleeve tops. These items coordinate beautifully with the aqua-dry sun hats and Me-Put-On Knit Shoes to complete the head-to-toe outfit. When you’re ready to sell, ensure the set is grouped and marked as such on your sale tags.


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