Laser Hair Removals: Why Are They The New Trend?


Conventional hair removal procedures like shaving treatments and waxing show a sharp decline in cosmetic industry market trends. Thanks to technology, laser-based removal treatments are at everyone’s disposal to safely dispose of unwanted body hair permanently and there are even tools and techniques that can help you do your own laser hair removal at home. Surprisingly, the demand for laser treatments has increased by considerable margins, with over 18.65% increase in market growth rate and orders in the past seven years of cosmetic industry operation.

Searching for “Laser Hair Removal near me” will open up laser cafes that offer a range of professional services like Vivace RF microneedling, Botox treatments, derma fillers, lip fillers, laser hair removals, CoolSculpting, Erbium 1540 resurfacing, and many other cosmetic treatments. Opting for professional removal centers ensures your treatment course is tailored to your beauty needs with professionally trained aesthetic nurses and experts.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Ingrown hair is a common issue with traditional removal methods, and thus, people are actively looking for the elimination of thick bushy hair on the body safely and permanently. Laser removal treatments expose hairy body parts to light frequencies that target melanin and hair follicles. These frequencies range in 810 nm diodes, and 1064 nm Nd:YAG are absorbed in the targeted areas and destroy the roots. By affecting only the melanin-filled areas, it burns the shaft and roots, preventing them from growing further.

Scientific evidence has proven its internal and external safety and permanent results. They are an extremely safe avenue with no side effects, as they target only the bulbs.

Growing Market Trends

The advent of COVID-19 is a significant concern that drove the global aesthetic market to a downfall due to exposure transmissions. However, it regained its CAGR in less than a year and continues to grow due to professional and scientific non-invasive treatments.

The market size as of 2021 shows about $798.6 million in the global market, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.4% in the next eight years. Clients are actively looking for permanent and safe therapies with no side effects, and the growing technological advancements cater to this need.

Mixing modalities and other recent innovations heavily contributed to the ever-increasing market trends in global aesthetic markets and the cosmetic treatment industry. These treatments take about 15 minutes and give you results that last a lifetime.

Reasons For Laser Treatment Market Growth

Zero Chances Of Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hairs are a common effect of shaving, waxing, and other traditional removal mechanisms like tweezing. The new strands start curving back into the skin and can potentially cause swelling, red bumps, and itchiness. As laser-based removal therapies target just the melanin-induced bulbs and follicles, the skin is entirely away from harm. Hair is removed from the roots, promoting smoother skin.

Fast And Accurate Procedure

The increase in market trends is likely due to its quick procedure that also serves long-term results. For perspective, each entire body session lasts for 2–3 hours. Asking for a professional “Laser Hair Removal near me” would provide you with the latest laser treatment cafes equipped with professional teams and high-end technological equipment tailored to your needs and specifications. They would advise you to book 6–8 sessions for a maximum of 90% results.

Treatments for professional clinics use 3D lighting technology that smoothens your skin and accurately targets problem areas. Results are shown that body hair gets thinner with 2–3 sessions. Specific clinics also advise you to book maintenance sessions for bikini areas.

Smoother Skin

Due to the accuracy of light beams, you are bound to have clear and smooth skin. The laser lights also target the melanin in the bulbs, actively reducing pigmentation and removing stubbles.

Permanent Results

Modern 3D technology enables light to penetrate multiple tissue levels to solve different needs and requirements. Laser treatments are much more effective in maintaining your skin in a hair-free state. It is also an affordable option when the costs and benefits are weighed against each other. Traditional techniques may even cause keratosis pilaris.


Laser hair removal is climbing the graphs rapidly of the global aesthetic cosmetic treatments industrial markets. The undeniable benefit of these treatments is that you can hardly feel anything with comfortable scientific technology. Regardless of the skin type and tone, laser hair removals leave you with zero irritation on the skin.


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