Nelk Boys Net Worth in 2022

Nelk Boys

The Nelk Boys net worth in 2022 is $5 million. The parent company Nelk Inc is worth $70 million and growing fast though with Happy Dad, Merchandise and a sponsorships. The Nelk Boys are one of the most popular YouTube channels in the world right now and gaining momentum.

Nelk Boys has gained a following in the last five years that no other comedy channel has ever achieved. They’re collaborative on a YouTube channel called NELK, and because of their content consisting of prank videos and vlogs, the channel has become famous.

Introduction to The Nelk Boys

This entertainment company was founded in 2010 in Canada.

At first, this entertainment company started its channel with ordinary jokes like coke jokes about the police. But unexpectedly, this made their channel brand very famous.

The Nelk group started with three members, Kyle Foregeard, Lucas Gasparini, and Jesse Sebastiani, and they started working on YouTube by launching an American videography production company in 2011. Nelk will become a household name in the business and media world.

By starting the Full Send Podcast, The Boys grew to a more popular level making their channel more than just a joke. They also do interviews on his Channel, even with Jimmy Gambles and his late-night shows.

So without wasting time, let’s peel various things about the Nelk Boys, starting from their biography, lifestyle, source of income, career, and total net worth for this year.

Nelk Boys Net Worth in 2022

The Nelk Boys have a total net worth of around US$5 million as of 2022. Their brand is listed as one of the top content creators worldwide. Their immense wealth and primary source of income is none other than their YouTube channel, podcast, clothing brand, and Happy Dad hard seltzer.

Channel NameNelk Boys
Members NamesKyle, Jesse, and Lucas
Net Worth 2022$5 Million
LocationNewport Beach, California
ProfessionOnline Entertainment
Subscribers7.35 Million

About 50,000 members of Full Send Club pay $20 per month each, which equals $1 million per month and $12 million per year. Not only that, but they also earned as much as $25 million after successfully launching Full Send METACARD NFT. So with that, they have a pretty fantastic income.

In these five years, the NELK Boys are building their business empire. Soon, no one will probably remember them as typical YouTube pranksters. Instead, they are role models for up-and-coming content creators who want to build massive influence and then transition it to real-world money makers and make prosperous. The NELK Boys’ net worth has increased over the past few years.

Nelk Inc is the parent company of all things Nelk, its net worth is said to be $70 million. In 2021, John also hired his brother Sam Shahidi as an executive to help manage Nelk and Happy Dad.


For the longest time Full Send merchandise was the main way that Nelk Boys survived. Their YouTube videos were demonetized due to their content not being advertiser friendly. As a result, they funded their lifestyle and business by selling merchandise to their loyal fanbase.

The products range form hoodies to party accessories like a funnel. As they monetize their lifestyle, they now sell sports supplements as well.


Together with his best friend Bob Menery, Kyle started launching his new Full Send Podcast in 2021. This platform became their go-to name to develop their brand further, reach new audiences, and find potential clients. These days the co-hosts are Salim The Dream, Steiny and often Bradley Martyn.

Because they keep inviting big Celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Jammie Foxx, Lil Durk, Khabib Nurmagomedov, and many other big celebrities their podcast videos are often trending. They even managed to interview Donald Trump through an introduction to Dana White of UFC fame.

YouTube doesn’t monetize Full Send Podcasts. So it is safe to say that they choose not to run ads on their content. This makes it quite interesting. However, their podcasts are still uploaded on Apple Music and Spotify.

Happy Dad

The Happy Dad “Hard Seltzer” brand was launched on June 14, 2021 through several stores in California. The brand was launched by Kyle Forgeard, John Shahidi and Sam Shahidi. The entire process of how Happy Dad was made and shared on YouTube and they even invited fans to come taste test be launch.

The launch was a massive success and the brand appears in most videos by The Nelk Boys. Happy Dad’s net worth grew quickly and became a multimillion-dollar brand empire almost overnight. Since their launch they have now expanded to other states in the USA with eyes on Canada and worldwide.

Stake Sponsorships

Currently Stake is one of the largest crypto casinos and betting sites in the world. Since the change in legislation to allow different forms of advertising, Nelk Boys and Stake have been working together. Stake sponsors some of the most popular influencers in the world.

In most of the content you see from Nelk Boys, you’ll see a mention of Stake. SteveWillDoIt even has a second channel where he streams his betting sessions on The partnership between millennial influencers and online casinos is extremely lucrative and Nelk is right in the middle.

nelk boys net worth

Business Empire of Nelk Boys

Their primary source of income, especially from 2014 to 2015, comes from Google Adsense, just like other YouTubers. They are earning about $5,000 per month or about $60,000 per year.

In 2007 when they did a prank at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California, with the addition of an unexpected combination of Adpocalypse, they could go beyond what YouTube wanted to associate with.

For channels that advertisers don’t like, YouTube has started disabling monetization. Until now, NELK was one of the first to be affected by the change and removal of their AdSense due to the launch of new policies on the platform.

Their team started to launch the brand Full Send. It is a clothing brand that is no less successful because of its vast popularity. Kyle and Jesse also make seasonal merchandise seeing from the success of their first drop that it can also sell out in a few days or even an hour. Their clothing brand is exclusive and rare as they only make one-time designs.

Mike Majlak revealed that the NELK Boys could generate revenues of almost $4 million per drop or about $48 million in a year. Mike is a close friend of NELK Boys and a business partner or co-host for Logan Paul.

The group has also succeeded in growing its brand recognition on other platforms outside of YouTube. On Instagram, several top pages of their brand were created under their name and started accumulating more than 25 million followers.

Full Send Entertainment and NELK Inc recruited John Shahidi as its President, as the team revealed in November 2020. In 2017, the unit left one of its members, Jesse Sebastian, but he finally returned to the group in 2021. But he focused on working on joke videos, no longer part of NELK’s main video.

Early Days

On July 6, 2010, the Nelk Boys started their YouTube channel. This channel stood with Kyle Forgeard and three other friends, Lucas Gasparini, Marko Martinovic, and Niko. Kyle met Jesse Sebastian, a YouTuber who ran a self-published documentary, Saved by the Status, after working together for more than four years.

Jesse Sebastiani and Lucas Gasparn became part of this entertainment company in 2015, as previous group members Niko and Marko, known as the Martinovic twins, left the group.

The figure Kyle Foregeard is a popular content creator in Canada. Many people talk about him because after the establishment of the entertainment company NELK his name became famous. Kyle was born to Rick and Gayle, on July 12, 1994, in Mississauga, Ontario.

In the teenage phase during his college years, he spent a lot of time with his friends for fun. Not only that, but Kyle also took part in films such as Internet Icon and Jack Vale Films. He decided to have a fun career until he founded a company called NELK shortly after graduation.

The second group member, Lucas Gasparini, was born in Greater Sudbury, Canada, on November 30, 1995. He also likes to have fun and make jokes like Kyle. While studying at school, he used to make jokes with his friends.

After taking part as a member of the prank trio NELK, Jesse Sebastiani started to gain fame in Canada. He is also a social media personality, an actor, and a YouTube star. On June 27, 1993, Sebastiani was born in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada. By ranking everyone the funniest, he helps NELK reach another level of success.

NELK boys Early Info

The Career of Nelk Boys

January 2015 was a turning point for the NELK Boys’ career when they uploaded a video with the title Coke Prank on Cops. In a video, they tricked officers by telling them they had coke in the trunk of their car; this managed to get them into the limelight. They were actually referring to Coca-Cola, but the police thought the coke was cocaine.

As of today, more than 48 million views of prank videos on YouTube quickly went viral. On their Channel, this video became the trending video in second place.

The Los Angeles Police Department warned them because, in the video, they were telling the public that the joke was forbidden, which got them in trouble at the time.

Kyle, Jesse, and Lucas May 2019, became increasingly famous on social media. And then Kyle decided to add to his group, a new member named Stephen Deleonardis.

Kyle was impressed by Stephen Deleonardis’ smoking and drinking challenge and the prank videos that made him a member. It happened because he dreams of taking his group to become one of the top brands. In February 2020, NELK accepted two other members, his cousin Jay and Salim Sirur, so the group continued to grow yearly.


When they hosted a flash mob in September 2020 where 200 people gathered and huddled at the University of Illinois State during the COVID-19 pandemic, NELK again plunged into trouble and controversy.

Because it makes a lot of people gather and violates the rules when the COVID-19 pandemic is a world problem, causing the police to investigate Nelk. They are also facing big problems in their life because YouTube is demonetizing their YouTube channel.

The team was seen again not long ago in a house because NELK rented the home located in New Jersey, where they gathered nearly 1500 people. The venue’s owner kicked out NELK boys, and 8 of their fans were arrested after the police in Seaside Heights kicked them out and broke up the gathering.

People Also Ask FAQs

Who are the members of NELK?

Kyle Forgeard

Kyle Forgeard

In Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, Kyle Forgeard was born. He became a member of the joke channel Nelk, and he uploaded his videos with Jesse Sebastiani.

The video “Coke Prank on Cops” got more than 5 million views, and this video became the most popular one.

In July 2010, Kyle and twins Niko and Marko Martinovic started their Channel by uploading two videos, “What The **** Moments-The Business Meeting” and “What The **** Moments-BATHING.” The Channel they were blinded by was called NelkFilmz and was created before Kyle became famous.

The second season of Internet Icons in Los Angeles recognizes all three as being a part of it.

Jesse Sebastiani

Jesse Sebastiani

Jesse Sebastiani was born in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada, and then moved to Los Angeles, California. He became famous after starring in the independently published documentary “Saved by the Status.” And before he joined NELK, he had a role in the MTV show Careless Teens.

In October 2014, he joined the YouTube group. Jesse also joined the unscripted MTV TV drama Losing It. After being part of the group for a while, he expressed his disappointment with his and the group’s lifestyle.



On August 26, 1998, Steve Deleonardis, aka Stephen Deleonardis, was born, known as SteveWillDoIt, an American YouTuber and performer. He is famouse because his outrageous challenge videos went viral. Deleonardis became a member of Nelk entertainment on top of his independent career.

Steve creates videos on YouTube of his stunts, which regularly include videos of eating and drinking, which he uses to build a fan base for himself as a comedic character. He is also a comedian who often works with people from Nelk.

Stevewilldoit has surpassed 1.7M followers on his Instagram account. Besides, Maryjane was once accused of being in his possession and had her driving license temporarily suspended.

Salim The Dream

Salim The Dream

Salim The Dream is a famous Instagram prankster and social media influencer from Somalia. As a member of the NELK collective, he became famous and well-known. He has more than 1.8 million followers on the platform because of his prominence on stage.

Salim has appeared in many popular and viral videos, such as his video, which was posted in mid-2018 when he pranked individuals in a public library, went viral, and gained a lot of followers and views. He distributed fake parking tickets and disguised himself as a traffic light officer.

Jason Erne

Jason Erne

Erne is the brand’s social media manager, and her role is “informal.” In some cases, he has also appeared in sensational YouTube group videos as a phone holder. The Nelk and Worldstar youths have in common. Erne is the one directing the fans, a different brain that helps the group apart getting views and fame.

He transfers and create content to their Instagram. Whatever the brand is doing, Erne will always record whatever they are doing with his cell phone. When you look at the Nelk Boys’ Instagram story, the videos there will match certain scenes where you can see Jason taking out his cell phone; this proves that Erne is the one filming and uploading content.

NELK is a sensational channel of YouTube. Usually, they upload their content to their YouTube channel. Because of the bold ideas behind their content, almost all of their videos have been demonetized and age-restricted by YouTube. Not only that, but YouTube has also wholly removed some of their videos for violating the user terms.

How rich is a Kyle NELK?

Kyle Forgeard’s net worth is about $1.5 million.

What is the current wealth of the NELK Boys?

Currently, $5 million is the NELK Boys’ net worth.


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