SteveWillDoIt Net Worth 2023 – Growing Despite YouTube Ban


Steve “Will Do It” is a YouTuber and influencer known for partying from Florida, United States. SteveWillDoIt net worth 2023 is $6 million. In addition, Steve is well-known for his “pranks and challenge videos,” he was born on August 26, 1998 and full name is Stephen Deleonardis.

He got the name “Steve Will Do It” since he would participate in whatever action that his followers requested of him. His Instagram challenges, such as “downing a whole bottle of vodka in a short time,” have made him famous and got the attention of The Nelk Boys.

Today’s SteveWillDoIt Net Worth 2023

Today Steve Will Do It net worth is $6 million in November, 2023. His career started over 6 years ago. In May 2017, he first started posting his challenge videos on Instagram, where he started his career as an influencer. He later moved to YouTube and launched his channel there. Later he joined the Nelk Boys and is now part owner of Happy Dad Seltzer, sponsored by Stake and friends with Dana White.

Full Name:Stephen Deleonardis  
Profession:Content Creator
Country:United States  
Net Worth:  $6Million
Monthly Income:$35,000+  
Annual Income:$500,000+  
Factors:Business, Brands  
Last Updated:November 5, 2023  

Income Streams & Business Ventures

In August, 2022 Steve’s YouTube account was deleted, without warning. As of November, 2023 his account is still banned.

Happy Dad Seltzer

In 2021, Nelk Entertainment launched the Happy Dad alcoholic beverage brand. Their sales have exploded through the viral marketing that SteveWillDoIt and The Nelk Boys have created. Since Steve is part of Nelk, he has a share in Happy Dad. This is quickly becoming one of their largest income streams.

Stake Sponsorship

He earns money through sponsorships, brand agreements, paid partnerships, and many more. He is the owner of many pricey cars. The influencer frequently runs giveaways to reward his followers and subscribers with luxuries. He has also gifted a Tesla Model X to one of his followers.

Joining NELK

He is also a part of the Canadian YouTube channel “NELK entertainment,” which is well-known for its prank videos. This was after Kyle Forgeard brought him after noticing his incredible drinking talents.

Social Media

Over 4 million people follow him on Instagram as of early November, 2023. Steve also has over 568,000 followers on Twitter. He’s also active on with 635K subscribers. His followers continue to increase as he collaborates with Salim The Dream and the rest of the Nelk Boys.

Steve’s most recent video is “Video Games with SteveWillDoIt” published on November 14, 2023.

SteveWillDoIt Personal Life

According to Steve’s Instagram profile, he is the healthiest man alive. This supports the claim that he is a fitness freak. He and his father have a good relationship. He previously tweeted how, at the age of 22, he gave his parents everything they wanted, including their dream automobiles, and helped them become financially independent.

It is no secret to anyone who knows or follows Steve that he has had an on-again, off-again romance with his high school love, Celina. After being highlighted on Steve’s YouTube and Instagram account channels, she suddenly became the public Spotlight. Celina is a well-known personality on Only fans and is an aspiring Instagram model.

The couple broke when there were rumors that Celina had cheated on Steve. However, he again referred to her as his girlfriend in a recent YouTube video. The fact that they have reunited has made the fans happy. This information has gone well with his fans and followers.

In early May, 2023 the couple got engaged according to sources.

Steve is not shying from controversy like always. He accused Bronny James of sliding into Celine’s DMs on instagram on November 4, 2023.

About SteveWillDoIt

Date Of BirthAugust 26, 1998  
BirthplaceUnited States  
Height1.7 m  
Weight75KG (Approx)  
ProfessionContent Creator
Net Worth$6 Million  
Income$500,000 (Annual)  


SteveWillDoIt is expected to have a net worth of $6 million and an annual income of $500k by 2023. He earns most of his money through his businesses, merchandise, and brand sponsorships. His alcohol firm also brings in additional income for him.


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