The Benefits of Using a Dog Pen for Training and Containment

When using dog pens to help train your dogs, it is crucial to know this multifunctional tool has many uses beyond just training. A cell can help calm your pet when guests arrive, preventing jumping (especially around small children) and property destruction.

Start by feeding your dog in the pen and slowly increase the time you leave them there. Using the pen is also a great way to train your puppy around older dogs safely.


A dog pen is a safe way to keep your puppy when you aren’t around. It gives them lots of room to move around, play, and sleep, plus it keeps them away from things like shoes, chemicals, and electrical cords that they might chew on or get into.

It is advantageous if you have small children or older people living with you that your puppy gets excited around. It also helps to keep them calm around other dogs or cats that may have been introduced to the home.

Playpens are more suitable than crates for nighttime use, and most are adjustable or foldable. You can take them with you when visiting family or friends or for holidays to help your pup settle in a new environment. Using the pen, you can control mealtimes and deter them from attempting to steal food from the table. Alternatively, you might use it to keep them in a small space during the day until they’ve had enough exercise and are prepared to rest. Visit for more details on various dog pens.


Puppies can get into all sorts of trouble if left to roam around the house, and their mischief often involves chewing shoes, furniture legs, etc. A pen keeps them safe and stops them from being able to do too much damage. Pens are also a safer way to introduce new pets to a household (e.g., if your dog is not too happy with cats) as the animal can be kept safely in one section of the house, and the two animals can meet without any problems.

A pen can teach young dogs to stay calm and quiet while they do things in the house, like cooking, cleaning, working, or even watching TV. It can also help with potty training if it is difficult to take the puppy outside regularly or if you have heavy sleepers who don’t wake up when it is time for them to go out.

Separation Anxiety

Dogs that have separation anxiety tend to get bored. At the same time, their owners are gone and may begin destructive behaviors such as chewing up carpet or furniture, digging in garbage, or marking. They also often bark excessively and can damage their things, such as their toys and food.

Pens help prevent property destruction by keeping dogs from being able to escape while their owners are away. It also helps keep them safe from things they might want to eat or chew on, like shoes and furniture.

Pens can also help prevent jumpy behavior during meals or when guests arrive. When a dog gets excited around new people, it can be challenging to control them, especially if young children are present. Placing them in a pen can make it more difficult for them to escape and avoid any accidental injury to your kids. The limited space of the enclosure also limits their movement and can prevent compulsive behaviors, such as pacing, whining, or barking.


While a dog pen may seem like an unnecessary investment for those with other forms of containment, owning one has some hidden benefits. For instance, if you’re trying to potty train your pup, the playpen is an excellent way to prevent accidents all over the house.

If you have young children, a dog pen can also help you to supervise them more effectively and safely. The same goes for older dogs prone to chewing things they shouldn’t or who have mobility problems and can’t be left alone for long periods.

To encourage your dog to stay inside of their crate or playpen, try dropping treats close by or even in the doorway to start. Once they’ve become used to this, you can slowly move the joys further inside to build their confidence. They’ll soon learn that staying in their crate or pen will allow them to do other activities, such as play or nap.


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