Tips On Winning The Blackjack Poker


Thanks to the growth of digital technology, you can play blackjack poker from the comfort of your home or anywhere on the go. Online blackjack is fun, especially when the table wins and the dealer has a bad run.

Even more enjoyable, though, is when your bankroll constantly increases as the game progresses. On the other hand, losing at blackjack cannot be very comforting. Want to possibly maximize your winnings and have fun playing online blackjack? You can play here if you live in Australia or a similar site if you don’t. Let us dive into six practical tips which might help you to win online blackjack.

Learn About The Basic Strategy

As a blackjack player, you might choose to use a blackjack strategy card. This card summarizes every scenario and result that could occur during the game.

Blackjack’s basic strategy is essentially the ideal mathematical answer to the game, reducing the house edge over you. You could make the best choices if you learn and adhere to the plan. Consequently, this might produce consistent and fruitful results.

Pay Attention

If there is a strategy for constantly winning at online blackjack, it has nothing to do with standing or hitting. Skilled online blackjack players will tell you that paying attention is one of the most critical factors.

For instance, if you flip a coin several times, there will be streaks of heads and tails. Your main focus should be finding online table games that can help you predict and recognize these streaks as they arise.

Least Card Decks

Another piece of advice is to choose games that require the least amount of card decks possible. Blackjack games with only one deck would be ideal as they make card counting effective. But not many online casinos offer these kinds of games.

The interesting part is that card counting might not be that important when playing online blackjack games. The reason could be that online casinos automatically utilize a Random Number Generator to reshuffle the card decks after each hand.

Know The Table

Online casinos provide various types of online blackjack tables. It would help if you avoid selecting a random blackjack game online. Understanding the game requires you to know the table variant. Read the attached regulations that can aid in your decision-making.

In the long run, a table that pays blackjack at 3 to 2 will be more rewarding than one that pays at 6 to 5. A table allowing the dealer to hit on a soft 17 could make more money for the casino than you. It might be better to choose another variant that will enable you to give up a weak hand in exchange for the dealer’s stronger-up card.

Don’t Make Insurance Bets

An insurance bet on the dealer holding blackjack is an option in the blackjack poker game. If the dealer has blackjack, this may allow you to tie the hand, even if it means losing the initial wager. Blackjack insurance odds payout at 2/1 and the largest stake allowed being half of the player’s initial bet.

However, unless you are a highly skilled card counter, statistics indicate that the insurance bet will most likely be a loss. Equally, most gamblers believe that this wager has a significant house edge associated with it. Therefore, it might be good to avoid placing any insurance bets.

Splitting Your Hands Wisely

Another strategy could be to split your hands and make additional hands in blackjack. Aces and 8s should always be split, while other hands should only split under specified circumstances.

For instance, if you are dealt a pair of 10s, you probably should not decide to split your hands because the total is 20, which provides them with a chance to win.

On the other hand, due to the freedom they provide, you might not want to split a pair of aces. However, if you receive a 10 to give them a 21 while splitting aces, you do not receive a Blackjack.


The house will always have the advantage in blackjack, but this does not necessarily stop you from leaving the tables with a win. These tips and strategies might help to scale back the house’s advantage and possibly increase your chances of winning.

Read the game and grasp the basic online blackjack strategies before you start playing. If you don’t, you will most likely be losing most of your games.

You now have some tips which might help you when playing blackjack online. Remember that gambling is played mostly for fun, and winning is an added advantage. If you play it right, you will most likely have fun and probably earn some money too.


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