Top Benefits of Hiring a Professional Epoxy Installer

Top Benefits of Hiring a Professional Epoxy Installer

Installing epoxy flooring is a serious undertaking, and mistakes can be expensive. When hiring an epoxy contractor, ask about their experience and qualifications.

Look for reputable contractors with good reviews on review websites and local references. They should also provide a detailed estimate and warranty information.


A professional epoxy installer will help you select the best metallic epoxy floor coating and advise on surface preparation to ensure a quality finish that will withstand heavy foot or vehicle traffic, sharp objects, and chemical spills. They also know how to distribute decorative chips throughout the epoxy for beautiful-looking flooring that adds visual appeal and lasts for years.

Store-bought DIY kits contain water, which can create air bubbles in the final product and slow the drying time, causing them to fail as a floor sealant. A professional can properly mix the epoxy to ensure the material isn’t too thick or thin. They can also use the right tools to remove moisture from concrete slabs before application. 


Professional epoxy contractors have years of experience and expertise, making them better equipped to handle your floor coating project. They know how to apply the coat flawlessly, ensuring it’ll hold up under heavy equipment and provide a beautiful look you’ll love for years.

They can also help you choose the right color and design for your floor, whether you want to make a bold statement or keep it subtle and elegant. They can even add patterns and logos for an added touch of personalization. In addition, they know how to prep the surface properly before applying the epoxy. This includes opening the concrete pores and removing any moisture that could compromise its bondability with the epoxy solution.

Saves Time

Getting your epoxy floor done right the first time saves you from having to redo the work later. A professional contractor’s experience helps you complete the project on schedule. Installing an epoxy floor requires several steps, including surface preparation. Using a degreaser, sulfuric acid, or grinding the concrete can help to prepare the surface for epoxy coating. This preparation process ensures the epoxy adheres properly and will last longer.

It’s also important to know how temperature and humidity affect the drying process of epoxy floors. 

Better Results

Professionals know how to perform the steps required to achieve exemplary results. This includes ensuring the floor is dry, clean, and dust-free before applying the epoxy coating. They also know how to mix and trowell the product to achieve a flawless look.

Store-bought DIY kits often contain over 50% water, which creates a thin, brittle coat and lengthens the drying process. Experienced professionals use industrial-grade products that provide much better results.

They also understand how humidity can impact the ability of epoxy to bond with your floor, and they have the tools and skills necessary to measure and remove moisture levels before the solution is poured. This helps ensure the epoxy adheres properly and will last for years.


Working with epoxy flooring products can be dangerous if proper safety measures aren’t taken. This includes wearing protective gloves and eyewear, ensuring proper ventilation, and keeping the work area clean to avoid potential spills or skin contact.

Professionals know these hazards and will take precautions to ensure a smooth installation. They also know how to properly prepare the surface before applying the epoxy coat, which can eliminate many common DIY mistakes, such as bumps and uneven finishes.

The best epoxy contractors have the tools and experience to transform a bare concrete slab into a gorgeous, durable floor that will last years. Hiring a professional to handle the project will save you time, money, and headaches and yield superior results built to last.


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