Trends in the Entertainment Industry to Expect in 2023

Each new year brings excitement to see what the future will hold and a series of new and upcoming trends that we can expect to take off and define the next 12 months. Whether that be food trends, fashion trends, the new Pantone color of the year trend, or the next big haircut that’s all the rage, certain themes will define the year 2023.

Technology and the entertainment industry are no exceptions to the progression of trends either. Think about the defining years of Tumblr or even the iconic Vine before it was shut down! We’re certain that 2023 will also have its own unique patterns, like the continued success of Tiktok, casino trends, or the trends mentioned above. To read more about our predictions of what we think will become big or will continue to remain big in 2023, keep reading below!

1. Short-Form Video Apps

One of the things we see continuing to trend well in 2023, and most likely beyond that, are apps that focus on short-form videos that span a few seconds, such as TikTok. Part of its enormous success comes from the fact that it features a layout similar to Vine – which became popular thanks to its six-second videos. Although TikTok has slowly increased this to about three minutes now, the most popular videos still last around thirty seconds or so.

We’re expecting TikTok to continue its popularity and perhaps see the emergence of similar apps from different companies or the integration of TikTok-like features in pre-existing apps. Instagram, for instance, introduced Reels last year. We’re definitely expecting to see a bigger push for more people to create and use Reels alongside posting photos and stories.

2. Streaming Services

There’s currently no gap in the number of streaming services, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see new ones coming out! With the ever-changing nature of TV and how we stream content, streaming services are becoming increasingly popular. And with some companies such as Netflix changing their password-sharing policy, more customers are ditching the OG streaming services in favor of others, so there’s certainly a demand for them.

With Disney+, Hulu, and newer streaming services like Paramount Plus, we’re definitely expecting to see other companies release their own streaming service where consumers can access exclusive content at reasonable monthly price points. Additionally, you can obtain your own protected video streaming service and generate more revenue from your content.

3.  Artificial Intelligence

AI has been on the rise for many years now, but we expect to see its continued success well into the new year and in more sectors than ever before. You can expect to see AI in gaming with things like AR/VR headsets, as well as in other sectors such as cinemas when you go to see the new Spider-Man movie. You can expect very limited human interaction or at least see an increase in machines working alongside people, hopefully making the process of getting to the movies even faster than you are used to!

4.  Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming is something you’ve probably heard more of in recent years, and we can see this going viral and mainstream in 2023. Portability is a feature that is becoming more and more of a necessity for people, from the most avid of gamers to even the casual gamer. The ability to leave a game and then pick up elsewhere on a different device with minimal disruptions is not only functional but also impressive. It will make connecting with friends, improving skills, and keeping up with a particular hobby all the more achievable.

5.  A rise in Podcasts and Audiobooks

Podcasts may seem like a niche category that only a certain number of people listen to, this also applies to audiobooks that are good for people on the go. However, with the library of podcasts that exist today and more being added as we speak, we think more listeners will be turning to podcasts and jumping onto the podcast bandwagon than ever before.

With someone willing to speak on the most niche of topics, and with the podcast hybrid format of it also being available to view them as well (some people film themselves too when recording podcasts), we mean this literally when we say that there’s something out there for everyone.


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