Why Arborists Are Important to Public Health


Arborists are people who have an intimate knowledge of trees and how they interact with multiple environmental factors, as well as knowledge of tree health. However, you may not know why arborists are essential to maintaining public health. Consider the following reasons why arborists are important to public health.

Essential Part of Engineering Team

With every civil engineering firm in NOVA, there is a need for people to work together to make the community the best that it can be while also having a minimal impact on the environment. An arborist might serve as one of the biggest players on that team, especially if they are in an environment with a lot of forests or historically significant trees. There might be some development plans that will need to be revised due to an obstacle such as the oldest tree in the state being in the zoning area or the knowledge that removing the trees for development might cause irreparable erosion. This will help keep the city’s structural integrity and development on schedule without harming the natural environment.

They Can Help Avoid Damage to Civil Property

It can be difficult to know when a tree is sick or dying, and that is a key part of an arborist’s job. If an area experiences a lot of natural disasters, it pays to know whether the trees surrounding a home are stable or whether they are going to come crashing down on someone’s home. If an arborist comes and takes a look at the tree, they will be able to tell the homeowner whether they need the tree pruned or gotten rid of altogether.

Arborists are not talked about much, but there are a lot of things that they contribute to in order to make life and expansion more environmentally friendly. Consider consulting an arborist the next time you have a tree-related complication.


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