5 Tips for Starting Your Own Edibles Company


Smoking marijuana can leave you smelling pungent. The harshness of the smoke itself can be off-putting, especially for individuals who experience respiratory issues. There is a simple solution: edibles!

Due to their ease of use and accessibility, edibles have become extremely popular among recreational marijuana users. Here are some things to remember if you want to join the edible boom.

Know Your Ingredients

Different kinds of edibles need different ingredients. For instance, if you plan on making baked goods like cookies or brownies, you’re probably going to want to use marijuana-infused butter or oil. If you’re making chewy candies, a marijuana tincture is the better option. In both cases, you’re going to want to see which terpenes for sale might add to the flavor of your recipe, as well as complement the effects of the strain of marijuana you’re using.

Know the Costs

Even though recreational marijuana fans have a reputation as a laid-back bunch, you should approach starting your edible business with as much sobriety and focus as you would in any other industry. This means creating a business plan and budget. You shouldn’t just consider the cost of manufacturing the edibles themselves, but the costs of things like rent, packaging, marketing, labor as well as equipment.

Know Your Laws

Different parts of the world, even different parts of the same country, have differing marijuana laws. If you plan on selling edibles or even just enjoying them privately, make sure it is legal where you are first. Even if you’re not growing or processing marijuana in-house, you still may need to get related permits to make and sell marijuana edibles.

Often, making and selling any product meant for human consumption comes with its own set of regulations and permits. Don’t just familiarize yourself with local marijuana laws, but those about business, manufacturing and food production in general.

Know Your Source

If you grow your own marijuana it gives you control over the quality and potency of your product. It also gives your company independence from suppliers and the fickleness of the market.

However, the cost of permits to grow and process marijuana in your area might not be worth the investment. Forging a relationship with a reliable supplier may be the most strategic move you can make, especially if your company makes strictly edibles and not additional products like pre-rolls.

Know Your Market

Almost anyone can make edibles, so you must make your company stand out from the rest. Take a look at potential rivals and analyze their strengths and weaknesses.

Being competitive isn’t limited to the pricing of your products, but the flavor, quality and overall experience that customers have from the time of purchase to consumption. Also ask yourself who your target demographic is, what sort of package aesthetic would appeal most to them and what channels of advertising are most likely to reach them.

Most importantly, look to your own unique tastes to guide you. The best way to make a winning product is to make something you want to buy yourself.


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