Budget Travel Tips For Turkey

After 2 years of the devastating Covid-19 pandemic, people are excited to start traveling again in 2023.  People are now more than ever searching for budget travel destinations. 

Luckily, Turkey has been rated as one of the most affordable travel destinations in the world. We have all seen the amazing pictures on social media of the hot air balloons of Cappadocia, Turkey has many world-renowned attractions. Turkey’s coastline consists of an array of pristine beaches. Turkey is also known for its tasty local food. 

So why wouldn’t you choose Turkey as your next destination?

However, we all need some budget travel deals.  This post will cover tips on how to travel on a low budget, cheap places to travel to in Turkey, and answer the question “Is Turkey cheap to travel to?” 

Beautiful orange sunset on a cloudy day in a city in Turkey.

Can You Travel To Turkey On A Low Budget?

Turkey is the perfect country to travel to on a low budget. 

Is it cheap to travel to Turkey? Yes! Turkey is one of the cheapest places to travel to. 

According to Budget your trip a sufficient estimate for a daily budget is $23 a day. This is what you can expect to pay for other daily expenses:

  • Accommodation: A hostel costs around $9 while a double occupancy room will cost $18.50 a night.
  • Meals: You should budget around $20 per day for food. However, if you eat locally you can pay less than this.
  • Transportation: People have reported spending an average of $7.5 on transport per day. Public transport is much more affordable than taxi rides. 

Before we can consider any budget travel trips to Turkey you have to remember that you will need to apply for your visa to Turkey.

Colorful hot air balloons during their ascend in Cappadocia.

What Are The Best Travel Tips For Traveling To Turkey?

Traveling on a budget can be made so much easier by following the right budget travel tips. These are some of the best tips for How to travel on a low budget.

Make Sure You Book Flights At The Right Time

Use the website Skyscanner, it can show you monthly trends of the prices for your destinations and even better it has a ‘price alert button’ that can notify you when the price of your desired flight begins to fall. 

Flights booked on weekdays are cheaper than flights that depart on weekends. 

Use Public Transportation

Metro, tram, and bus transportation is the cheapest mode of transportation for people on a budget. 

You can also consider booking a train ride as these are also generally cheap options for people on a budget. If you’re traveling across the country make sure to book an overnight train ticket to save yourself one night of paying for accommodation.

Travel Out Of Season

Generally low season is the best time to travel for the cheapest prices however these months might not have the best weather.

Consider traveling during the shoulder season. This is the season between low and high seasons when prices are still affordable and the weather is still very comfortable. 

Be Smart When Booking Accommodation

Instead of wasting money on expensive hotel rooms where you will only be spending a fraction of your time, rather opt for hostels. 

Hostels are very inexpensive and generally also offer a great opportunity to meet new people and discover the places they have seen and experienced.

Alternatively, consider booking your accommodation on Airbnb where they offer a spare room in a local’s home.

Make Sure You Pack Everything You Need

Make sure you pack properly to avoid having to buy any unnecessary items you forgot at home. Make sure you pack appropriately for the season and weather conditions. 

Always make sure to pack items such as a travel adapter because you will certainly need one. 

Don’t Spend All Your Money On Food

There are some ways to ensure you don’t spend too much on food. One way is to make sure you book accommodation that offers breakfast that is included in the rate. 

Secondly, instead of eating at fancy restaurants, try local restaurants. They will offer more food at a better price. 

Or lastly, opt for making your own meals by buying all your groceries at the local supermarket.

Do Your Research Beforehand

With all the information available online it is quite easy to plan your trip according to your budget. You can research the local restaurants that fit your budget.

You can also research what attractions you would like to see, this way you can skip overpriced tour guides and explore the city yourself. 

Avoid Tourist Traps

The most famous tourist attractions will most probably charge a steep price for you to experience them. 

Rather search for hidden gems and attractions off the beaten path as these will generally be free or much cheaper. The plus side is also that you will have the opportunity to experience attractions not many people know of. 

Get a SIM

Paying for data roaming or WIFI abroad can be extremely expensive. Therefore the best way to keep your cellphone charges low is to get a SIM or always make sure to use free WIFI available at hotels, restaurants, etc. 

Do Not Exchange Money At The Airport

Airport exchange centers usually charge a steep fee. The best way to obtain local currency is to rather draw money at the local ATM.

Always Try To Negotiate

Most often than not shop/stall owners can spot a tourist from a mile away, and most of them will increase the prices of their items.

Therefore always try and negotiate a cheaper price for the items you want to buy.

Be On The Lookout For Travel Deals 

When you start planning your trip to Turkey make sure to be on the lookout for cheap travel deals to Turkey. This way you will always get the best prices for your travels. 

One way you can look out for cheap travel deals to Turkey is by subscribing to the mailing list of airlines. This way you will always be notified of their specials and also last-minute deals. 

Do Not Stay In The City Center

These are some cheap places to travel to in Turkey: Çavuşin, Kemalpasa, Taksim, Galata, Beyoğlu, Sirkeci, Urla, and Tire.

Most often the city center is where you will find the most expensive accommodation so staying towards the outskirts of the city will offer you better prices.

Beautiful mosque on a sunny but cloudy day in Turkey.


These are some of the best budget travel tips. From staying in hostels instead of hotels, eating at home instead of restaurants, exploring the off-the-beaten paths rather than famous attractions to making sure you pack everything you need. 

So is Turkey cheap to travel to? Yes, by following these budget trips you will be sure to stick to your budget when traveling to Turkey. 


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