Fashionable and Functional – Clothing Choices for Concealed Carry

Whether you are a police detective, security guard, or just someone who likes to be prepared, you will likely need some clothing choices that work for concealed carry. That doesn’t mean your wardrobe needs to be transformed completely.

Choosing suitable fabrics for your clothes will help you reduce the struggle of concealing a weapon. Natural fibers, especially cotton, are ideal for concealment. They are breathable and have a structure that allows them to slither out of the way of the hard lines of your firearm.

Tie-Front/Knot-Front Shirt

If you’re a woman who wants to carry concealed, there are some clothing choices you should consider. These outfits should be flattering and feminine while allowing for fast access to your weapon if you need it.

Shirts and tops – flowy shirts and outer layers work as the best clothes for concealed carry, but it’s important to remember that shorter shirts might rise to expose your gun. Thinner shirts, however, can be more challenging to hide, as they might print (show the outline of the firearm) under your clothing.

Shirts are handy for people who don’t want to make an obvious statement with guns, such as plain-clothes cops or security guards. Moreover, many business casual shirts offer convenient concealment for inside-the-waistband carry without needing a jacket. Similarly, sweaters and hoodies add some bulk to the waist that can hide a large firearm. However, it’s important to remember that wearing a hoodie or sweatshirt incorrectly can look like you’re trying too hard and may be less than effective at concealing your weapon.

Peplum/Ruffle-Hem Top

The peplum/ruffle-hem top is an excellent choice for fashion-forward ladies who like to mix it up in the style department. It can be paired with jeans, a pencil skirt, skinny pants, and high heels to create a desirable look. It’s also a good idea to pair it with a waist belt for a more streamlined effect.

The top peplum craze has its roots in the Renaissance era, where many doublets featured small ruffles accentuating the hips. Modern incarnations of this trend can be found on dresses, jackets and even t-shirts. Shirts with a peplum top are available in various materials, including pleated fabric and chiffon, for added flair and movement. Finding a tee with a peplum in an off-the-shoulder or cap sleeve design is also possible. Selecting the suitable fabric and pattern is the secret to achieving the most out of this fashion feature. The best way to do this is to experiment with a few different designs until you find one that works.

Tie-Front/Knot-Front Pants

Tie-front/knot-front pants tend to push out and away from the body, creating a pocket around the waist that can help conceal your firearm. This can be an excellent alternative to a zipper if you prefer not to untuck your shirt but still want the benefit of concealing your firearm without printing.

Another thing to remember about tie-front/knot-front pants is that they typically have some Lycra (stretchy fabric) woven into the fabric. This can help make them more comfortable, but it can also be problematic if you carry a heavy gun or holster.

Pants that fit correctly are an excellent option for concealed carry because they help keep the weight of your firearm and holster off your legs, which can be especially helpful during hot summer months when it’s more likely you’ll experience chafing between your skin and holster. This is a great reason to always test-fit clothing before purchasing, especially if you’re wearing it with a holster.

Cover Garment

Regarding clothing choices for concealed carry, the cover garment can be an essential consideration. You want to find something comfortable that allows quick access to your gun when needed.

For example, a blazer or sport coat can be a suitable cover garment if it has vents that allow you to breathe while letting the jacket clear out of the way. If it is buttoned, a simple technique to clear it is to hook the bottom of the shirt under the placket and swing it out of the way.

Flowy shirts and tank tops are also ideal for this purpose. They will break up the outline of the firearm so others don’t notice it, and they can be worn with a belt for a more conservative look.


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