Identifying the Right Lawyer: Crucial Attorney Characteristics You Want

You might have many reasons why you need a lawyer. Perhaps you need defense because the cops say you did something wrong. Maybe they caught you after you drank alcohol and drove your car. Perhaps you’re going through a contentious divorce or a child custody case.

In any of these instances, you need a great lawyer to tell you your rights and fight for you. Your attorney’s reputation potentially makes a huge difference, as that tells you their background and prior experience. You also must make sure they have certain characteristics. We will talk about some of those right now.

They Must Know the Law

There are many laws and legal niches. Your lawyer should know the law in general terms, but they should know everything about the legal niche in which you need help.

If you are divorcing someone, your lawyer must know divorce law. It’s the same with DUIs, sexually-based offenses, or anything else you might face in a courtroom; click here to know more

When you check out various law firms and lawyer websites, see whether they know about the law area where you need help. You can also ask them about their experience with cases like yours when you discuss your case. A great example of a reputable law firm is GadsbyWicks, medical negligence solicitors since 1993.

They Must Have a Bulldog Personality

Your lawyer must have the fortitude required to fight against whoever and whatever stands in your way. They should have a combative personality. You want someone professional who won’t lose their temper, but they should be firm and take no nonsense, either.

If they’re trying to get a settlement offer for you in a personal injury case, they should get as much money as possible. If the police and district attorney have brought criminal charges against you, you want a lawyer who can get those charges dismissed or who can get you as little jail time as possible.

Your lawyer should have dogged determination when fighting for you. You want someone with a pleasant demeanor and professional attitude but who takes their job very seriously.

They Must Have Resources at Their Disposal

The lawyer or legal firm you hire must also have the correct resources you need. Say another vehicle hit your car, and you know the other driver caused the wreck. They claim otherwise, though.

In that instance, you need a law firm or lawyer with a car crash investigator on their payroll. This person can investigate the crash circumstances. They can look at the police report and find any eyewitnesses. 

They can look for traffic camera footage, store camera footage, or any other physical evidence that shows the other driver caused the crash.

Your lawyer might also use expert witnesses who can back up your story on the stand if the case goes to trial. In short, they must have the deep pockets and investigative ability to win your case. If they do not have that, you must use a different law firm or attorney.

They Must Have an Upbeat Personality

In legal cases, you might not always feel optimistic. Maybe you feel there’s evidence against you, or the jury won’t see things your way. Perhaps you experience depression or anxiety about the case. The jury or judge’s decision can change your life forever.

Your lawyer should have an upbeat personality and a glass-half-full mentality. They should be your cheerleader at all times. If they agree when you say you’ll likely lose the case, that will make you feel worse. They should tell you to hang in there and that you’ll get through this legal difficulty with their help.

They Must Have Unflinching Honesty

Though you want an upbeat lawyer who keeps your spirits up, you also want honesty from them. If they believe you can’t win your case with the criminal charges brought against you and you should plead out instead, they must tell you that.

You want strength and conviction from your lawyer, but they shouldn’t sugarcoat things. If they know there’s too much evidence against you, and you’ll never beat the charges the police have brought, they must tell you about your other options. They owe you that as your legal representative.

If you find a lawyer or law firm with all these characteristics, you should hire and use them. Maybe you’re facing tough times, but having someone with experience and the proper legal background in your corner can only help you. Hopefully, they’ll get you through this rough patch and arrive at a better place in your life.  


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