Kyle Forgeard Net Worth 2023 – Business Tycoon & Kick Streamer

Kyle Forgeard net worth 2023

About Kyle Forgeard

Introducing Kyle Forgeard, one of the founders of Nelk Boys. He is a man who acts as a YouTuber, movie maker, and businessman. Kyle Forgeard net worth 2023 is $25 million. He was born on July 12, 1994, in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Kyle is 29 years old with a height of 5 feet and 10 inches tall.

Kyle rolled the dice in 2010 when he and Jesse Sebastiani founded their YouTube channel, NELK. The main content of his uploaded channel in various public jokes and tricks. Through all the videos he provides, he can entertain the audience so that his channel grows an impressive following and fan subscribers.

In one of his viral videos channel, his friend Jesse can be seen strolling about with his body coated in blood. Jesse was even imprisoned for the fake blood prank. However, the judge decided to suspend the case because it was a joke.

Kyle Forgeard Net Worth 2023

Kyle Forgeard has managed to collect an enormous net worth of approximately $25 million as of November, 2023. His company NELK, Happy Dad, Full Send Podcast and sponsorships are his primary sources of income. He also sells merchandise and supplements to fans.


This is parent company of everything associated with NELK. The company NELK Entertainment alone brought in over $70 million in revenue in 2020. It owns Happy Dad, Full Send and has its own YouTube channel called Nelk Boys. They also have an Instagram account and every social channel has millions of followers.

The NELK YouTube channel has 8.06M subscribers as of November 18, 2023. The latest video is “Crashing the Royal Family’s house with Hasbulla“, published two weeks ago.

Happy Dad Seltzer

In 2021 Nelk Entertainment started selling Happy Dad Seltzer. The Happy Dad brand has blown up across the United States and is expanding rapidly. Opening in only a few states the expansion and demand is being fueled from the content The Nelk Boys and friends are making online. One of the most notable members is SteveWillDoIt, who brought the team to a whole new level.

Full Send

Along with other members of The Nelk Boys, Kyle is a co-host of the Full Send Podcast. The podcast has exploded in popularity and has millions of views each episode. Currently the other co-hosts are Salim The Dream, Steiny and sometimes Bradley Martyn.

Some of the big names they’ve recently done interviews are Donald Trump, DaBaby and even Andrew Tate. The Donald Trump episode was taken down by Youtube within 36 hours, it already had several million views.

Besides the Podcast, Full Send brand also sells lots of merchandise to their massive fan base. The website is sells all sorts of clothing from hoodies to tank tops. Also, they sell lots of party items such as beer bongs and the like.

Stake Sponsorship

Kyle is sponsored by Stake, one of the largest online gaming websites in the world. Since the USA relaxed its laws on the advertising of online casinos, collaborations with influencers has been on the rise. Kyle Forgeard is commonly seen gambling on the Stake app on social media along with his peers.

Right now Kyle Forgeard net worth is exploding and it’s only the beginning. He continues to make smart business moves and build alliances with titans like Dana White from the UFC. The next few years should be promising and very lucrative for this legend.

Kick Streaming Sponsorship

In late October, 2023 Nelk Boys have signed with Kick streaming platform. While Twitch continues to deplatform, Kick is signing some of the internet’s biggest stars. Details of the agreement have not been released, you can see their Kick profile here.

Background Education Qualifications

No specific information has been provided regarding Kyle’s educational history. The individual has revealed nothing about his graduation, college name, location, or doctorates. However, he once expressed that he canceled his college to run after his career in YouTube, which was his blessed  choice.

Kyle Forgeard (Nelk Boys) Family

Regarding his family, Rick Forgeard is his father, and Gayle Forgeard is his mother. Nothing can be said about their professions and vocations anytime soon. Like this, Kyle looks to have a very tight relationship with his sister Chantal Forgeard. In the same vein, he refers to his subscribers as his family for their unwavering support of his channel.

Biography & Wiki Quick Summary

Full Real NameKyle John Forgeard
Popularly known asNelk Boys
ProfessionYouTuber, movie maker, and businessman
Age29 years old (2023)
Height5 feet 10 inches
BirthplaceMississauga, Ontario, Canada
Date of Birth (Birthday)July 12, 1994
Net Worth (2022)$25 million
Father NameRick Forgeard
Mother NameGayle Forgeard
Brother NameChantal Forgeard
Marital statusUnmarried
Relationship StatusIn a relationship

Some Facts About Kyle Forgeard (Nelk Boys)

Cancer is his astrological sign. His Lamborghini Huracan is his obsession. He and his NELK boys have been residing in a mansion that they all call FULL SEND HOUSE and have been living there since February 2020.

With over 3 million  Instagram followers, growingTwitter followers, and more than 8 million NELK Boys channel subscribers. As a popular YouTuber, he has established a vast fan base.

Facts About Kyle Forgeard


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