North Sea Connection: Irish Crime Drama with a Nordic Twist

North Sea Connection: Irish Crime Drama with a Nordic Twist

BBC Four and iPlayer released a dark and mysterious season of “North Sea Connection.” The season tells its story on the dramatic West Coast of Ireland, where complex family dynamics are in the spotlight.

This six-part series blends the intrigue of a Scandinavian thriller with an Irish twist and promises an exciting storyline. The first episode of season 1 aired on RTÉ One on September 20, 2022, at 9:30 PM.

This series has beautiful characters, an intricate story, and a brooding Icelandic charm that will leave you wanting more.


The story starts with Ciara Kenny, played by Lydia McGuinness, calmly sipping her coffee while admiring a picturesque cottage. At first glance, she might seem like a part-time artist with a trust fund.

It soon becomes apparent that Ciara captains a fishing vessel and occasionally smuggles contraband cigarettes for her brother Aidan.

Trouble brews when a new crew member shows up. His sinister nature is immediately obvious, mainly because of his choice of bright white sneakers for a fishing trip. Things get dangerous after they retrieve a stash of illegal cigarettes hidden under a buoy.

The man with the ominous white sneakers is relentless in pursuing the contraband, leading to a confrontation that leaves him dead on the boat’s deck. The supposed cigarettes turn out to be bags of methamphetamine.

To Ciara’s surprise, she discovers that Aidan was working for a drug syndicate all along, and the man with the sinister white sneakers was one of their own.

She has no choice but to appease the angry drug gang now that the man’s lifeless body has been dumped overboard and anchored to his feet.

North Sea Connection Season 2 Release Date - Where can I watch series 2 of North Sea Connection?
Ciara Kenny with brother Aidan

It may seem clichéd, but “North Sea Connection” still offers a relaxing viewing experience as the day fades. Aidan’s character is convincingly portrayed as weak and two-faced, driven by his mounting gambling debts.

The accent Ciara uses betrays her Wexford origins, but that is a minor point. While Sinéad Cusack, who plays Ciara’s mother, keeps the character true to the season.

She introduces an ingenious Swedish lover into the mix, catering to Scandinavian viewers who will likely enjoy this show.

My only criticism of episode one is the premature introduction of the drug syndicate. I remember “Ozark,” where the impending arrival of the Mexican narcotics cartel was full of suspense and tension. 

Unfortunately, the drug syndicate’s leader doesn’t exude the expected menace and looks more like a cashier with a mild hangover. However, this is a minor issue, and more excitement awaits in this six-part series.

Ending Explained

As the first season of “North Sea Connection” wraps up, it leaves viewers with many unanswered questions. What’s in store for Tuva? Will she survive the freezing cold, or will a savior come to her rescue in time?

Aidan faces eviction in Episode 6 owing to his drug and gambling addictions, putting his family at risk and setting up a possible second season.

Shane and Ciara’s relationship is strained due to her association with the drug cartel. Additionally, we see Quinn trying to negotiate with Adamma, while Moira tries to protect her family from the dangers posed by the syndicate.

north sea connection ending explained - north sea connection wiki
North Sea Connection Crew Time

Things take a dark turn as the gang makes an ominous appearance, and Tuva finds herself trapped in a freezer in a life-threatening situation. The first season ends with an open-ended climax, allowing viewers to interpret the outcome and building suspense for a potential sequel.

North Sea Connection Season 2 Release Date

RTÉ ONE has not made any official statements regarding the release date of North Sea Connection Season 2. The show premiered in Ireland in September 2022, with six episodes.

Fans are eagerly waiting for news of a second season, but as of now, RTÉ ONE has neither confirmed nor canceled the series’ continuation. We will provide updates if there are any announcements about the season 2.


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