Pain Management With Medical Marijuana – How Much Cannabis Should You Take?

Cannabis, or medical marijuana, can improve a person’s quality of life and daily functioning. They can be ingested for pain management and coping with inflammation. You can easily get medical marijuana from a lakewood dispensary, or one in your area, if you need it. When it comes to the amount of cannabis you need to alleviate pain, the following factors come into play:

  • The chemistry of your body
  • Genes
  • Lifestyle
  • Diet and meals
  • How often do you use cannabis, and what are your tolerance levels?
  • The method you use for ingesting cannabis

Generally, experts recommend the thumb rule that you should begin low and go slow. It would help if you started with a small amount of cannabis and gradually increased the dose over several weeks. Of course, if you are already receiving treatment for pain at a clinic it is advised to seek advice from your healthcare practitioner before taking cannabis. This is to ensure that it does not have an adverse effect on any other medications you are taking or treatments you are undergoing. 

Take breaks after you are on a CBD regime

Once you have embraced a consistent regime, take regular breaks for two or more days. This time off is necessary for your body to adjust to cannabis holistically. It would help if you remembered that cannabis is addictive, so it is essential for you to be aware of this risk and manage its ingestion mindfully and with moderation. This may also be the time to try other products, like hash, which is a type of product that many experts recommend. You can click here to learn more about hash and where you can get it.

You should buy your cannabis from the best online dispensary after reading online reviews and checking their customer testimonials. Take your time, but ensure you get quality products for your needs.

How much cannabis should you swallow?

For cannabis products you swallow, specialists recommend you begin with 1 mg to about 2.5 mg of THC. This is because the edible forms of weed take longer to show effects on your body. You should wait for at least three hours before taking your next dose.

When you consume cannabis-infused products, either from sky high edibles or anywhere else, the effects last for 12 hours. They help improve sleep in patients who suffer from chronic pain.

How much cannabis should you inhale?

Products that you inhale can include flowers or vapor cartridges. You should begin with a balanced profile for cannabinoids, for instance, a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD. You can also start with products that have more CBD than THC. This helps you to prevent the adverse effects of ingesting too much THC in your body. 

You should wait for at least 15 minutes before inhaling a single puff. When you inhale cannabis, you can feel its effects almost instantly. This is another reason smoking cannabis is popular with most people, especially if they want to reduce pain and inflammation in the body.

Why should you choose products with a low level of THC over CBD?

Experts suggest that you can always take more puffs of a product with low levels of THC; however, you cannot reverse the effects of a product with too much THC, for example, a flower with a high level of THC. You need to give yourself time for its effects to wear off.

When you choose products with a low level of THC, your body can quickly adapt to its effects. Remember, products with low levels of THC give you greater flexibility than solid THC products. They are like riding a bicycle with a single gear where you only have one option.


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