The Ideal Partner for Your Property: Perth Settlement Agent Makes Transactions Smooth and Stress-Free

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a property, commercial or residential, settlements are a big deal. You need to find a settlement agent, or what is also known as a conveyancer. Regardless of how you look at it, these licensed professionals are an important part of buying or selling a property in Australia.

The job of a settlement agent is to ease the process of transferring property between buyers and sellers. While it is their job to provide you with information about a property, prepare the right documentation, and carry out the settlement process, the onus falls on you as an individual to find the best settlement agent that meets your needs.

As a buyer, what a conveyancer does for you range from clarification and preparation of legal documents, carry out research on the title of a property, calculation of the rates and taxes, and depositing the fund in a trust account.

On the other hand, if you are a seller, a settlement agent helps in the completion of all legal documentation and serves as your representative to other parties.

How To Choose The Best Perth Settlement Agent For Your Property

In your quest to acquire or dispose of properties, you’ll need the best settlement agent in Perth to hold you by the hands and guide you. If you choose the right conveyancer, they will go the extra mile to know you by name and your needs. Let’s discuss what you should look out for when choosing a settlement agent;

1. Ensure That The Settlement Agent is Licensed

To practice as a settlement agent, an individual needs to be licensed in their domain of operations. There’s no way around this, you need to work with a licensed settlement agent. In Western Australia, the settlement agents need to hold a Settlement Agent License as well as a triennial certificate in line with the Settlement Agents Acts of 1981.

This also applies to them if you are considering a lawyer as your settlement agent. They must hold a current practice certificate as mandated by the Legal Profession Act 2008.

To be frank, you are better off with a settlement agent with the support of a lawyer. This will ensure everything is done right according to the law.

2. Consider Their Reviews and Experience

This is arguably the most important criterion to consider when choosing a settlement agent. You should be more interested in their pedigree, experience and success story. This is only obtainable through the knowledge of the numbers of properties they have successfully settled.

You need to look into the years they have been in business and the type of property they have settled. Regarding property settlement, there is a wide gap between strata title, commercial property, and even the subdivision.

Imagine pitching your tent with a settlement agent with thousands of property settlements under their belt. That means that they know their onions as far as conveyancing is concerned and will be able to shield your from looming risks.

3. Consider Your Relationship With The Agent and His Team

When it comes to settlement, it takes an entire village to raise a child. Settlement is not a one-man thing. It requires a team of experienced professionals. Look for a Perth settlement agent that carries out their job as a team.

More importantly, assess how this team is ready to assist you and get the job done. It’s all about building the right relationship with you as their client. Every team member should be committed to delivering the best settlement service possible.

4. Compare Offering and Quotes

While settlement fees will always vary, you must settle for an agent with the best fee with the most deliverables. You should know that you’ll also be paying title search, government, and disbursement fees aside from the professional conveyancing fee.

You must know well ahead what it will cost you. There should be no hidden fees. This is why you must consider these costs before you sign the dotted lines with any settlement agent. At every point in time, you need to request a comprehensive quote to know what is being offered.

Ask if there’s any service that is outside of the scope that would require an additional fee. However, in your search for the best, always know that the cheapest does not translate to the best. You’ll only get what you pay for.

Final Thoughts

It does not matter the number of properties you have acquired or sold in the past; you still need the service of an experienced Perth Settlement Agent with the right pedigree. The idea is to choose agents that make the process simple and stress-free for you. 


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