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Many people always put off introducing new habits until Monday. Someone wants to start running, someone promises himself to eat right and improve sleep, while others try to make their daily routine more productive.

However, later difficulties arise that prevent all this from being carried out. But the development of technology does not stand still – today there are many smart gadgets that will help you monitor your health. In this article we will talk about the most popular of them.

Smart bottle KOR Nava

This bottle differs from others in that it has a special patented “coconut filter” that is able to make tap water tasty and crystal clear. A bottle is for sale on the Internet – just enter its name in a search engine.

Smart sleep mask

Sleep mask from Xiaomi saves from insomnia and improves the quality of sleep in general. Sensors register brain impulses, and in accordance with them, the mask plays suitable music that helps to fall asleep. As soon as you fall asleep, the music gradually subsides so as not to harm your hearing. In the morning you will also be awakened by music that allows you to wake up from sleep without tension and anxiety.

Wehear OX Bone Conduction Headphones

  • a healthier alternative to regular headphones;
  • ideal for call center workers;
  • suitable for sports;
  • include a mode for people with hearing loss;
  • The monitor in the app evaluates the quality of your hearing and helps you keep it healthy.

With the help of these headphones, you can easily listen to music even in noisy rooms, and also play video games while away from home and even play casino games in a mobile application. Indian startup Wehear Hearing Solutions brought bone conduction wireless headphones to virtual CES and a fiery call to approach audio technology from a health standpoint.

Given India’s leadership in telemarketing, this is a legitimate concern. An army of call center operators needs healthy ears, and bone conduction promises not to spoil hearing. Wehear OX works with an app that evaluates hearing and tracks hearing loss. In addition to work, these headphones can be used for sports, listening to music and studying.

Fast absorbent Santo towel

Such a towel is ideal for training, mountain climbing or going to the sauna when the sweat flows like a river. It absorbs quickly, dries quickly and fits easily into your pocket.

Antistress device Cove

  • with the help of vibrations, it affects the part of the brain responsible for emotions (improves sleep and reduces stress);
  • benefits proven by clinical trials;
  • can be used during any classes;
  • controlled from a smartphone.

The Cove hoop is another device that promises to relieve its wearer of stress. However, the gadget differs from similar devices: it affects the brain with vibration, rather than transcranial stimulation (tDCS). Put on the device and it gently vibrates behind your ears, stimulating areas of the brain responsible for regulating emotions.

The developers claim that 20 minutes a day is enough to reduce stress and improve sleep. The hoop can be used without interrupting work and classes. Alas, we could not, for obvious reasons, test this in practice.

Self-heating lunchbox Heatbox

  • heats food inside with steam;
  • there is an application and a choice of heating modes;
  • “Scandinavian” minimalistic design.

On paper, the Heatbox looks like the perfect gadget for a person who wants to lose weight or lead a healthy lifestyle. This is a 750 ml food box that heats its contents with steam. The gadget is charged via USB-C (here it is, the future!), And 20 milliliters of water are poured into a separate compartment.

Press the button, get an on-demand water bath, and a hot lunch. True, the completed structure can weigh up to 2 kilograms. Too much! But if you’re willing to snack on broccoli and chicken breast instead of lattes and pizza, then the extra workload won’t scare you.

Smart hearing aid Orka One

  • a microprocessor works inside each earpiece, which filters out noise;
  • improves recognition of the human voice;
  • connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth and works in tandem with the application;
  • removes the stigma associated with hearing loss.

Mankind has coped with the stigma of vision loss, glasses and lenses will not surprise anyone. Hearing loss is next in line, and the startup Orka is about to eradicate the prejudice associated with it. The Orka One smart hearing aid developed by the company is like a pair of advanced wireless headphones.

The gadget connects to a smartphone and can replace a headset, that is, receive calls. The most important innovation is advanced processing of incoming sound from noise, with an emphasis on voices. You won’t have to ask again, ever.


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