Things to Consider When Exporting Your Pets from Singapore 

It is very nice when someone visits different countries for various reasons. It may be for study, a job, or a complete relocation. But it also needs to be considered that if there are pets, they can hardly stay without their owners. So, if someone is thinking about going out of Singapore, they also need to take care of their pets, like cats and dogs. We must follow some essential steps if they consider exporting their pets from Singapore. These steps are necessary because they are safe for that country’s people and their pets. 

Essential considerations for exporting pets from Singapore

Pet owners can move their pets from Singapore to different countries. But to do that, they need to know some basic things that apply to every country. 

  • Vaccination

Vaccination is a process that is extremely important if they are exporting their pets from Singapore to other countries. There are different types of vaccination for cats and dogs, but rabies vaccination is essential before shipping cats and dogs from Singapore. Whether they are vaccinated or not, the required vaccines need to be given before moving from Singapore. 

There are countries with different categories of rabies rates, and they always want the veterinary health certificate about the rabies vaccine while checking in at the Singapore airport. Other than the rabies vaccine, different types of vaccinations are available for cats and dogs. Specifically, cat flu can be contagious to humans and other animals, so the pet owner must show a health certificate where all the reports are adverse. 

  • Countries requirement

There is a possibility that the country to which the pet is being exported has unique requirements. Those requirements can include being quarantined or carrying a microchip. It is essential to get knowledge from the embassy of the respected country about the rules for bringing pets into the country. Relevant government authorities can be the best to provide such information. You can read more about this on different websites. 

  • Import and Export License

An import and export license are essential when someone is going out of the country and visiting another one. Specifically, the export license is mandatory while moving from Singapore because this is how it becomes legal for the person not to steal any pet from the country. The pet is free from any contagious diseases. 

  • Pre-export inspection arrangements

It is mandatory to book the inspection because as soon as they check into the airport, an assessment must be booked before visiting the airport. 


Carrying pets needs to be very safe and secure, which is why all the above steps are mandatory. The passengers also need to get a proper IATA-certified pet carrier so their pets can be safe during the journey.

When flying in an airplane and being there in the cabin, they need to be comfortable, which is why appropriate pet care, food, a veterinary health certificate, a license, and inspection booking are required when exporting pets from Singapore. Start executing right away!


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