When to Upgrade Your Heater

When to Upgrade Your Heater

Even the most dependable of things stop working eventually. That includes your heater. You should look for these heater replacement signs:

It’s Old

Usually, your heater can last up to 20 years, and that’s if you have it regularly inspected and repaired. Anything after that is a bonus, and you could find yourself with a broken one at the worst time. A good rule of thumb is to start looking for a new heater around the time it hits the 15-year mark. It’s better to replace it a bit too soon than a bit too late.

It’s Noisy

You can expect your heater to make a bit of noise during its usual operation, but it shouldn’t be overwhelmingly loud. If you find that the noise has progressed beyond the level of being just some ambient background sounds, you should have someone look at it. Then you can decide if you want to have them repair it or replace it with a new model.

What are these sounds? They can be things like screeching, popping, rattling, humming, clicking, and even booming. All of those things can indicate that something is interfering with the normal operation of your heater.

Your Energy Bills Have Gone Up

If your heater is working like it should, then you will have a steady energy bill. This also depends on rates not going up, but if they don’t, and you notice that the bill is significantly higher, then you need to bring in a technician to look at it. The reason is that the heater is working harder than it should be to warm up your place, which means that it’s using more energy.  That’s going to reflect on your bills.

Another reason to get a new heater is that it will be better at conserving energy. They are designed to work efficiently and not strain any resources. That way, you can have it be warm whenever you want and not worry about your energy bill going up.

The Temperatures Fluctuate Around Your Home

A heater that’s working like it should be will keep the rooms of your house warm. If you notice that a particular room is warm at one point and cold at another, and it should be consistently warm, then that means that something’s going on with your heater. You should have someone come inspect the heater, and then you can make the decision to get a new heater, which will make your place nice and toasty.

You Notice Soot Around the House

If your heater isn’t properly regulating the carbon dioxide it creates, then that will show itself in the form of soot. It can also indicate a lack of moisture – especially if you see dead plants in your home. Soot is a very clear sign that you need to get a professional to come take a look and then replace the heater. This can also include their replacing ducts, since you don’t want the previous soot in your home.

It’s important to make sure that you are aware of all these signs. Don’t ignore them and hope that whatever sign you’re encountering resolves on its own. Otherwise, you risk the heater dying at the most inopportune time, or worse, having it fill your home with carbon monoxide due to it not filtering things properly, which can be deadly. Always contact a professional, and if you notice that you’re light-headed or have a bad headache out of the blue, open a window.

Getting a new heater may seem to be another expense, but it can be a lot more costly if you don’t do it at the right time. Then you will have a lot more regrets. Save yourself from that and make the decision that will keep you and your family both warm and also healthy.


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